Treated unfairly by Social Media or Not??

unfair treatment Spend much time on any of the social media sites and you’ll immediately see a wide array of account identities; some using common names and some using rather artistically influenced names. I personally spent time developing my Fabulous Frugal Belle, a legitimate blog and site, which most of  my followers can attest to. For some reason. I have been challenged by Google+ as having a name that they feel “isn’t actually a name.” Even after appealing, with evidence of my existence on other sites as well as a personal blog site, I have to change accordingly or else.

Frustration is rampant as I scroll down the site’s main feed and make note of all the other artistically influenced names; many without a publicly associated, common name identity. Why am I being singled out for a name policy that obviously isn’t being enforced across the board? One can log into google and see factual evidence in multiples, demonstrating public names of accounts/bloggers, no different from Fabulous Frugal Belle. I won’t name any of these on my site, as I’m not out to create problems for anyone blogging content to share with others.

Why attack a name? I’m astounded. Rather than spending time reviewing a blogger’s content and mission, they are spending time on but a minor issue of the overall picture. I see so many blogs with filthy language, pictures or implications, yet their blogs continue on day to day. Something’s wrong with that picture. We wonder why our world’s in the shape its in. Where’s the common sense?

After reviewing Google+’s actual name policy, which was as clear as mud, I’m on the fence as whether or not to remain on that social media site. Besides, they might not even accept my proposed name change. The only reason this unnecessary incident somewhat upsets me is that I have made some great friends/contacts from all over the world, for which I am grateful and whom I don’t want to lose touch with.

Fabulous Frugal Belle is merely a personal blog site but has potential to be a business down the road, but to set her up as a business as Google+ recommends, would be fraud and I won’t operate that way. My sole purpose is to share common sense on a wide variety of  topics to help others in life. I’m not in this for social recognition. In addition, I might want to pass this on to another individual down the road and what a legal and paperwork nightmare it will be to undo something I was forced into changing secondary to someone else’s policy. Wow!! This world is becoming so user unfriendly.

Do you think someone such as Dear Abbey, was ever singled out as not using her common name? Look at the good she did for others in her lifetime. Maybe it’s because the world she started out in wasn’t as insanely regulated and/or she most likely wasn’t dictated to on how she should select her  image/name, by software programs of non-affiliated entities. Maybe social media sites are so busy that they don’t really care about their members and the actual content they provide.

Lastly, I do truly hope that another blogger didn’t single me out and report my  name to be reviewed by Google+. I did read in their policy that anyone can report a name for review if they feel it isn’t meeting the public name policy. If so, I seek no vindication but would be greatly saddened to think that another human would do something out of spite or jealously. I am not one to operate from the gutter and I also won’t give or bow down to such behavior. Regardless, I will forgive and forget and Fabulous Frugal Belle will continue her quest to help others.






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