What really does it matter whether someone is liberal or conservative?

liberal vs conservatismThe ‘hype’ over being liberal or conservative does nothing but further divide the two groups of people. I see the division everywhere in social media, as well as on radio, television and in print. When will our supposed leaders take this to heart as a REAL problem? I’m afraid that too many egos/stubbornness will always prevent a coming together of the people. The arguments behind both are so etched in stone that I truly wonder if both sides even pay attention to what they’re saying as well as realize the long-term effects of what they’re doing.

I am in no way a political animal but I am and have always been a leader. From that viewpoint, I must say that, like many others, I’m sooooo tired of listening to the ineffectual bickering. Why is it that the only time people unite as one is when there is a catastrophe? Does it really take something so horrendous to wake people up? I thought we were a civilized society yet the aforementioned behaviors do nothing other than drag people down into the gutter. Why does everyone have to hire an attorney to sue someone, just because their feelings were hurt? The last thing we need are more laws to create even more confusion and further ‘muddy’ the difference between right and wrong.

I personally believe that we need to start attaching some form of accountability to leaders of either affiliation (that doesn’t mean just talking about it), whether financial or potential loss of jobs, when either side doesn’t keep their word and/or get their jobs done in a timely manner. There appears to be no current consequences on either side, other than a few bruised egos and a lot of follow-up speeches, when things don’t go their way.What ever happened to admitting you’re wrong or apologizing for mistakes, something mis-construed or mis-communicated? I see nor hear this from either liberals or conservatives and the impasse has got to end.

The scenario that comes to my mind, created by people stating an affiliation with either being liberal or conservative, is the true story of the Hatfields and the McCoys; taking place in the late 1800’s and recently re-surfaced as a mini-series on television. A quick summary, being two families feuding for approx 38 years for ridiculous reasons (joining the union, a hog and later a relationship between young adults of both families.) Because of the feuding, many people lost their lives over time, with the federal government being drawn in at the end. After a trial of the last responsible member for a massacre of the other family, things did settle down.

Heaven forbid, but I do hope people, especially our leaders, come to their senses and not go down the road of the Hatfields and the McCoys. We all need to develop a little empathy for our fellow-man as well as try wearing their shoes before opening our mouths and judging. Besides, there is only one judge and it’s not man. Maybe its time we all get on our knees and ask for help from above, in viewing the big picture and really try staying on the high road vs the gutter in how we deal with things we don’t like about our fellow-man.  We also ALL need to be more ACCOUNTABLE for our own words/actions instead of crying wolf every time something comes down that we don’t like or tagging along with someone just because. Try speaking from the heart while looking at one another in the eyes and getting back to “honor” in what we say and do and acting like responsible adults rather than children. Get back to operating with facts and not just here-say. There are no princes, princesses or fairy godmothers and we need to realize we’re all equal in God’s eyes.


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