Why do humans really want to control other humans?

mind control  There is something about someone controlling another that really bothers me at the gut level. I understand the concept of guiding another being, while letting them make appropriate decisions for themselves. The problem is that of someone taking over and making decisions for another, unless that person were disabled and unable to think for him or herself. What is the purpose or motive to want to control behaviors of others?

While on Google this am, viewed a blog re:  potential use of a sensor (likened to a small decal) that could be placed on a human being’s skin to monitor their healthcare. Looking back over history of the world, issues that appeared to be related to controlling/monitoring other humans never had a good ending. I personally find this very disturbing. Is this potential sensor not an example of a motive to control others? Wikipedia describes mind control/coercion as a term applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision-making.

Normal human psychological development involves baby steps in learning to understand and function within one’s environment through guidance. Over time, one learns self-control through this process that teaches us how to survive. There are many outside influences that tend to alter our behaviors but our choices typically come from within. Included in this equation of life are consequences, which obviously alter our behaviors. In our lifetimes, we continue to change according to our environments we live in, yet are still able to make self choices with consequences attached.

My question is why are we so accepting of others trying to make decisions for us that we’re perfectly able to make on our own. I have included links from the American Association of  Psychology below, that were studies/research done back in the 60’s and 70’s that demonstrated how normal human behaviors are changed/manipulated in various settings, such as in regards to being subjected to authority and/or when role-playing as prisoners. Maybe my mind is making a rather large assumption about controlling human behavior, but my gut tells me not. I find the results very frightening.

We as a society, have so many rules and regulations on everything we can and can’t do, that a person can’t even logically remember 99% of them. What happen to self-regulation secondary to consequences? Is it that we aren’t being held accountable and consequences aren’t being enforced? What ever happened to believing in mankind? Is human behavior so bad across the board that we now need more and more regulations? Are we not putting enough effort out to vet our leaders? Is it our leaders way to govern with a dissociation from the people’s voices?  Are we not paying attention and speaking out when something isn’t right or moral? Has political correctness turned the normal order upside down?

We’re now facing regulations enforcing how much soda we can drink. This is such an unnecessary rule. Why not further tax these items or require the manufacturers to improve the product. Why not consider introducing more physical exercise in our schools? Controlling behavior through regulation is nothing but a slippery slope.

I am not a politician but I do believe in people. If we don’t correct things now before they get even further out of hand, how do we expect to get back to letting people make their own decisions with consequences enforced? We all have to be more accountable with our own person, in our homes and with our children. Get back to being accountable parents and instead of the primary goal of being our childrens’ best friend, teach them right and wrong with consequences. We really need to put our thinking caps back on. Only then will we as a society, even have a chance to protect our long-term individual freedoms.

LINK to example normal people behavior change in study as mock prisoners

LINK to research on peoples propensity to obey authority

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