#14 post-Belle’s Ongoing Search For College Monies

collegeRan upon an article in Money magazine (alias cnnmoney.com) by Kim Clark, which provided a layout/publication touching upon the topic of “Massive Open Online Courses, known as a MOOC in education jargon.” Based on the underlying premise that the current method or mode of delivery of college education is broken. Ms Clark cited reasons such as “rising tuition (traditional college costs have risen faster than inflation for many years), high student debt and stingier funding for public colleges are making it more difficult for families to keep up.”

Ms Clark stated that “MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Michigan as well as other top schools, have started open courses for everyone.” “MOOC’s are different for their size (with tens of thousands of students at a time), their free price tag and, frankly, the cachet of the schools that started them.” Ms Clark went on to point out that MCOO courses are fairly flexible. “A typical massive online class includes several short recorded lecture modules each week and reading assignments. You’ll chat with other students online, and there’s homework, which may be graded by a computer or by peers. Some classes offer a few online meetings in which professors address questions posted by students.”

Examples of MOOC’s available cited by Ms Clark were a “website called Coursera.org (62 schools involved), edX.org (Harvard and MIT), oli.cmu.edu (Carnegie mellon, Udacity.com (no university stamp but features star teachers.)” Even with the noted evolution or change, “schools are still guarding their prestige carefully,” per Ms Clark. The schools may be involved with teaching some of these classes, but do not offer certifications or credits towards their degrees. The process is evolving and it is but a matter of time before the laws will change in favor of college credit for MOOC’s. In the meantime, why not check it out and learn something new; only out the effort.

LINK to Princeton developed Courses MOOC

LINK to MOOC’s by Harvard and MIT

LINK to classes by Non-profit Saylor

LINK to Carnegie Mellow self paced courses




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