A Child and their Pet; Unconditional Love!

unconditional love child pet A pet, like a child, exudes nothing but love, innocence and blind trust. Watching a child with a pet does nothing but bring a smile to one’s face and warmth to one’s heart. The bond between a child and a pet is 100% palpable and without baggage. It is one of the best examples of unconditional love on the planet.

Instead of buying children computers, cell phones and  inanimate objects, which they haven’t acquired the mental tools and maturity to properly deal with, why not consider a pet in lieu of? Pets are good listeners, love to snuggle, loyal to death and always happy to see you. They consistently leave those associated with them in fairly good moods, no matter the tone of the day.

Pets could care less about electronics and would much rather go outside and be a companion for a walk. Pets are better trackers of your children than cell phones. You children can’t turn off a pet like they can a phone, when you’re trying to find them. They will follow your child and stay by their side, no matter what.

Children learn meaning of responsibility and consequences of, in caring for their pets. This is a phenomenal tool that they will use in various aspects throughout their lives. Your children will also learn about love without conditions, as well learn about the cycle of life; with the coming and going of their pets. A pet will take your children through the full range of emotions with nothing but love given back. A child will be sad, happy, angry, frustrated etc., and no matter what, their pet will be there by their side.

These are but a mere few of the wonderful experiences available for a child and their pet. Just sitting here reflecting back on my pets and the wonderful times almost makes me want to get another. I do have to be realistic and stop at 4, otherwise, I wouldn’t have time to do anything else other than care for my pets, which on second thought, just might be a great idea!




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