Belle’s #7 Update on Unemployment Process

entitlement programsIn our downed economy, the unemployment services have not been able to guarantee me a job comparable to what I was displaced from. I spent time with a counselor re: need for re-training in specialty areas, which my area in the medical field has evolved to over a period of the past decade.¬† Regional Statistics pertaining to my specific job type, state that the area is booming, therefore, I do not fall within their guidelines for re-training assistance, when in fact, that is what is needed. Their facts appear to be behind the times, superficial and not specifically related to what’s going on in the trenches.

The counselor I had met with stated I could challenge the statistics if I could prove that the data was incorrect. How much time do I have to critique their research, find contradicting information as well as look for a job? In other words, all those thousands of dollars that I’ve paid into unemployment insurance over the decades, has nothing but conditions attached. For an individual, such as myself, where an employer retired with consequent job displacement for the employees, the only appropriate job would be a straight across the board comparable. The new jobs being advertised within my area of expertise, specifically require a specialty certification and if one doesn’t fall within that category, you need not apply. When this was explained to the counselor, it was apparent the information went right over her head as she basically re-iterated that the regional statistics show an increase in jobs.

The obvious road at this point is to decide to seek out additional training on my own or wait until that rare across the board job opens. With Obamacare almost online, clinics closing and being bought up by hospitals, who knows whether that job will again surface. Maybe by then the regional statistics will be updated and more realistic to what’s actually going on in the trenches, but, I rather doubt it.

Reported my online information for the weekly claim and honestly answered that I had turned down one potential job secondary to low pay, minimal hours and no need for any skills related to my profession. A page popped up that instructed me to call in, which I did and was asked if this was a mistake?? I informed the person that no, it wasn’t a mistake and explained why. I was then informed that they would mail out a questionnaire for me to fill out. Why this unnecessary step, especially when I had just given the information over the phone? They could have taken the information I gave them and made a follow-up call to the interviewer to verify. A possible area of over-regulation? Is not a person allowed to turn down a job that makes absolutely no sense to accept? As you guessed, no common sense prevails.

I will patiently wait for the questionnaire sent via the mail; informed that they were unable to email this to me. When I receive this I am to fill it out, then fax or mail back. In this day and age when the government is demanding that every corner of healthcare communicate through electronic records, what’s their excuse? Who’s not walking the walk? Oh well. Now that I’ve again been perfectly honest, I’m being punished and benefits will be delayed until the form is sent back and reviewed; merely to find out that what I said over the phone is what’s on the form. Makes you wonder if all people turning down jobs actually answer this question¬† honestly, full well knowing that their benefits will be delayed. Would you call this a waste of time, manpower and tax payers money? Isn’t unemployment insurance to help the unemployed or has it turned into job security for those working within?

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