Belle’s Ongoing Spring Garden Prep #5

FFB garden april 13-3FFB garden april 13-4FFB garden april 13-1

The greenhouse is filled with trays and trays of planted seeds/seedlings; approx 100 flats. Tomatoes were planted first as they have the longest growing season and are now up approx 2 inches. Many more different vegetables and flowers have since been planted and the internal temperature of the greenhouse remains around 80 degrees F.

All seeds planted from here on ie., radishes, peas, cabbage, fava beans, beets etc., will all be planted directly in the ground as ambient temperatures are now appropriate for growing. The weather has been very mixed and spring-like; presenting as either rain, wind or overcast with the sun peeping through. While we wait out the days for the seedlings to hatch, there’s still clean up outside and soil preparation of the pots; taking out old plants from last season, breaking up dirt clods, removing old root systems from the soil and replenishing pots with additional growing soil. Stay tuned for more!

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