Belle’s Ongoing Spring Garden Prep #6 post

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This weekend bestowed upon us, another lovely and warm day which was perfect for the final of the 3 tillings of the garden. The soil is looking quite lush and ready to be planted.  Measuring/marking of the rows began with 3 feet left in between rows. This is quite important as you need to allow enough room for the plants to spread out as well as for you to be able to navigate through the rows without walking on the plants.

Seedlings are still popping up on a daily basis. My granddaughter was here several weeks ago when the greenhouse was started and first flats planted. First thing she said when arriving this weekend was that she wanted to go see if the plants were up yet. She’s only 31/4. As I’ve said before, what a phenomenal inexpensive teaching tool for children in regards to science/biology/self-sufficiency–Only takes a little Effort with a huge payout!  Stay tuned for more!

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