Belle’s Ongoing Spring Garden Prep-Post #7

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The weather is stabilizing, giving us a bit more sunshine and less cold wind. The flats of  vegetable seeds are being placed outdoors during the day to help them adjust to the outdoor elements vs the more controlled greenhouse. The tomatoes are reaching approx 3 inches in height and have been  thinned out so that energy goes to the most dominant stock within each peat moss cell.

The onion sets are being planted in pots as well as in the soil, which has been tilled 3 times. As the seedlings are coming up (other than the tomatoes), they will be hardened (placed outside during the day for a week/greenhouse at night unless warm out) then planted directly into the garden. While waiting for the seedlings, the rows continue to be measured and marked with strings to keep rows straight when planting. Stay tuned for more…

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