Dog’s Entitlement Program

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Dog Entitlement Program–Why Not? They’ve worked all their lives as ankle bitters or alarm dogs; loyal to a fault, showed up to work on time, worked hard no matter what their pay, honest and never complained. Just happy to have a job and recognized as having worth by their boss.

I personally feel they’ve more than earned their keep, therefore, their entitlement program is now in full force and they are receiving due benefits–a wagon ride a couple of mornings of the week. There were a few tough hills but we worked it out together and moved on. You would think that they were flying via the concourse, with the happy body language being portrayed–ears up, noses straight forward in the breeze and not a peep out of their little mouths.

There was a moment along the way where 2 rather large dogs tried to engage them in barking. A few barks escaped one of their mouths until we had a little talk and that was the end of it. I know we will continue this practice until either the weather isn’t conducive or I’m gone. As all entitlement programs, they are only as good as the word or existence of the keepers and the paper they are written on. Fortunately, my word is accepted as good enough with no legal papers involved! 🙂



  1. Looks like the life O’Rilley, adorable!

  2. They are humbled yet royal!!

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