Entitlement Programs,controlled by Monies, have lost their purpose?

insolvency Our local paper presented a one-third page article titled, “Has disability become the new welfare of choice?” by Jonah Goldberg, Tribune Media Services. He re-iterated a recent event in Britain, in which those on a ‘incapacity benefit’ had to submit to a medical test to confirm whether they were too disabled to work. In synopsis, he states “a third of recipients didn’t bother to have the test but rather dropped out of the program rather than be examined. Of those examined, 55% were found fit for work and a quarter were found fit for some work.”

Mr. Goldberg’s main point was that, “as the economy changes,  the welfare program in the US was sometimes replaced with disability programs for those feeling locked out of the work force.” He noted that the number of people on disability in the US has been doubling every 15 years (while the average age of the recipients has gone down) and asks why such a huge proportion of claim injuries can’t be corroborated by a doctor? He felt that the way to rule this out would be to possibly ask the recipients to get a thorough examination as they did in Britain.”

On the other hand, in an article by Kate Belgrave re: Cliff Poole, a blogger acquaintance of mine, living in the UK and on permanent and legitimate disability, has paid into the system all his life and only recently has required disability. He won his case in an appeal of Atos face to face assessment Jan 2011, yet has been facing roadblock after roadblock ever since, as each government program shuts down with him in it. Ms Belgrave basically summed it up as; “if you use public services, you’re viewed as undeserving and that’s the end of the story.” Sadly, there are no offered options for those really in need, which isn’t acceptable.

Entitlement Programs really are controlled by the dollar and/or monies. These programs were created years ago as a helpful entity for those in need but here in the US, the numbers of enrollees are rapidly increasing with no real system in place to validate those in the program. It’s a matter of time before those really in need in the US, will also be knocking on the same door Mr Poole is at in the UK.

There has undoubtedly been a lot of abuse (whether intentional or secondary to lack of program controls) along the way by many who might have only needed the system temporarily and due to circumstances, were left in the system longer than necessary. There are also those preying upon the doctors’ consciences when signing their disability forms, as well as those with lawyers taxing the system. Unfortunately, all the aforementioned acts do nothing but drain the system, leaving less for those in need and whom have also paid into the system when working. With the current high unemployment rates, there are fewer people now paying into the system. In summary, the funds are not growing yet the demand still exists;  another example of the state and federal government’s fuzzy math.

I don’t know the current answer but we should be drawing from our not too distant history when there weren’t such programs. We all need to get away from government control which wants us to be dependent and has to be paid for with consequent taxation. The more layers of bureaucracy we have in place to run such entitlement programs, the more expensive to operate,  less efficiency, tighter reined  benefits with no guarantees as well as doomed to failure in the current state. These programs are becoming obsolete and are unsustainable.

We must  get back to self-sufficiency and running things ourselves; including, helping our neighbors in need, rather than spending our lives driven by greed, materialism and thinking, “it’ll never happen to me.” Our forefathers took care of one another and would be embarrassed or ashamed to not step up to the plate when needed or asked. They didn’t call the government to intervene, as they truly walked the walk and took care of their fellow man. Past time to get back to a system that worked and was successful.

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