Go Green Must Start at Home to Succeed & It Doesn’t Cost Money, Only Effort

go green at homeThe amount of monies being spent by our government as investments into companies that are “green” are failing left and right. The long-term concept may be a good one but for a company to invest millions up to billions into one concept, that doesn’t incorporate common man into his basic work ratio, will only fail. Its kind of like buying a Ferrari and believing you’ll be a race car driver, but without training and educating yourself by putting out the effort, it will not happen.

These majority of invested companies have wonderful ad campaigns but totally miss the boat. Its above and beyond the common person and doesn’t truly affect their everyday lives. Most of these companies have long-term goals and by the time they’re offering anything or changing the lives of common man, its been years and people have forgotten about them and/or they’ve gone out of business.

What would make more sense–waiting for these companies to get their acts together and really start producing something that will pay for itself (other than tax payers monies) as well as provide us, the common people, savings to our pocketbooks, or, “going green” now within our own homes by monitoring use of daily resources by each and everyone in the household. For example, starting with water; look at your water bills and determine how much your household is using per billing cycle.

Challenge your household to limit length of showers, consolidating clothes a little more efficiently in your laundry (cutting back on how many unnecessary clothing changes people are making daily–especially children as we all know) and making sure your dishwashers are absolutely full before turning them on.  These are but a few examples and if the family works together and compares monthly usage, you might be amazed at how fast you can reach your goal towards functioning in the green zone, as well as save money.

This concept doesn’t only apply to water, but to all our resources; heat, A/C, Lights, Gas etc. Teach the children to turn off lights when leaving rooms, up the temperatures on your A/C and lower the temps on your heat. Carpool is you aren’t already. If we only would take the time to monitor, as well as get everyone in the house on board with the challenge, you will help the planet as well as note savings on your bills. This will also create future generations of stewards of the planet’s resources–Start Small to Go Bill using people as resources and not Big investments for small outcomes and Big taxes. Only takes Effort and commitment by each and every one of us.


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