Inappropriate Social Behaviors-what’s behind this & will monitoring solve this?

inappropriate social behThe level of palpable disrespect across generations appears to be at heightened levels around the globe, when compared with the same groups a decade or two ago. Is it because social media has created an unconditioned release to verbalize, as well as the ability to bond with like minds for reinforcement?  Such options did not exist a few decades ago or were very uncommon if they did? Is it the lack of consequences in parenting skills? Is it the intrusion of the legal system in our lives? The apparent increase of socially unacceptable behaviors is troubling and in need of attention as well as intervention from we, the people.

In addition to defiance, there also appears to be an increase in other  unacceptable behaviors, such as bullying. Discipline and Guidance no longer appear to carry the same weight as these social mis-behaviors. We hear and/or see socially unacceptable behaviors wherever we go and its as if everyone around those involved, are disconnected from intervening or doing something to stop it. Decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon to have the community; friends of the family, teachers and/or even acquaintances, step in and appropriately discipline the younger generations whenever needed. There was also fear of the feedback your parents would definitely receive from any witnessed events surrounding socially unacceptable behaviors.

I find it rather ironical that we as a nation, are addressing blank monitoring of the public with cameras yet on the other hand allow inappropriate social behaviors without consequences. Who will monitor these, how will it be paid for and will consequences be carried out? Just maybe, if we were to let people speak out against offenses without fear of legal retaliation, as well as applied appropriate consequences to the offenders at a personal level, we might not need those cameras.  Two partied settling of scores or issues is much more effective/efficient than three partied intervention. Besides, what good will cameras do, other than invade our privacy at another level and open the door for more regulation/laws.

The internet/social media has opened up the door with free rein and minimal consequences, other than blocking of one from various sites–not what I would call an effective consequence as there are ways to re-invent oneself and go around the blocks. I’m personally appalled by some of the unmonitored materials/comments I’ve viewed on various media sites and over-monitoring/inappropriateness on other sites. The right of free speech is very important to all mankind but it also requires respect for and from all. Like anything, it’ll take but a few offenders over time to bring in the regulatory bodies, which would affect everyone; those not offending as well as those that are. A little effort in personal accountability would be much easier as well as more acceptable.

We need to get back to believing in people and their own ability to do the right thing. We have to establish and communicate socially acceptable behaviors at home, in public and on the internet, as well as the consequences that will be attached when not appropriate.  We might also consider setting up non-biased grievance counselors if the need arises for situations out of the norm (as a last choice). This does not include the legal system, as in my opinion, the yes/no and right/wrong component has become too malleable or manipulated.

A few concrete changes at a personal level just might bring about accountability straight across the board, with less evidence of socially unacceptable behaviors and more respect  towards our fellow-man. We need to rely on one another in dealing  with and resolving day-to-day issues and not third-party entities such as our legal system or government which have more important issues to deal with than slapping hands for bad behaviors.

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