Is there a disconnect between Faith and Reality?

religion realityDo you ever feel like there’s a link missing between your faith and reality? Do you feel a disconnect of sorts, between your concept of God and his teachings within your every day lives? Is it because we are praying to God, whom we can’t physically see, yet the Gospel states “blessed are those who can’t see yet believe.”  When we look out from within our everyday lives, we are met with a world focused on being busy, connected yet empty and surrounded by materialism. Is this apparent lack of God what confuses people when it comes to the topic of religion or even believing in him?

The confusion that exists appears to have been an issue throughout time, not just associated with the current day and age. The books written by man, in synopsis of  historical events, all tell us to believe, yet there has also been a large following of those who thought to the contrary. The fact that the aforementioned books (bible) have transcended time speaks for itself. There is a human need to believe in a higher being, even more so, the longer one is alive. You reach a point in your life, where you realize that mankind really doesn’t know as much as you thought they did.

My career was in the medical field and I, for one, have come to the realization that there is only so much that man can do to help people. There are times when you realize that while caring for the sick, you reach the point where, after doing everything within your power and knowledge, things are out of your hands. Yes, there were unexpected, witnessed events that turned around the ‘course of no return,’ without obvious scientific interventions. There are also moments in the current world where you realize that there has to be something better than what you’re seeing demonstrated around you. I know believing in God is a personal choice for everyone and yet such a difficult choice for so many who are unable to decipher the barrage of information/arguments presented by both sides of the equation.

I know I struggle at times, especially when things in general seem to be going poorly. These are usually times during personal disconnect with the eventual realization that I’ve lost view of the big picture and need to get back on track. This is usually followed with moments of pure honesty with myself as to what’s important and what isn’t. These moments can relate to the actuality and thankfulness for all surrounding gifts and/or to asking for guidance in whatever it is that’s daunting us.

The disconnect between one’s faith/religion and the reality we live in, creates many speed bumps or hurdles on a regular basis. The key is to realize that neither speed bumps nor hurdles can stop one from going forward. With a little foresight and guidance, there are ways to get back on track and over the bumps. We must be honest in our beliefs and realize that we are but mere humans and imperfect. Asking for clarification based on belief and hope, when needed, from those around us or from above, is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

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