Personal Sacrificies–an “Innate” Part of Life?

self sacrifice  Just got off the phone with an individual I had been in contact with last week, whom appeared to have disappeared off the map between Friday and today. He apparently had one of those days where his Karma was jinxed for 24 hrs. The issues were resolved and he was back to work, but was required to make a lot of choices/sacrifices the day before; all for the betterment of  his family as well as himself.

Personal sacrifices are choices we all have to make at one point or another throughout our lives. These are common occurrences and are clearly visualized all around us; ie. parents working extra hrs so that children have extra money for school clothes, giving up your car to a friend or family member whose own car broke down and needs to get to work, giving a special treat to someone who really wanted it but didn’t have means to afford it. The list goes on and on.

Self sacrifice is basically about putting aside our own personal pleasure so that we can do something worthy for another. Of course, there are many degrees of self-sacrifice; all determined by many types of people with their own thoughts as to what they consider self-sacrifice. There are also those who are  generous to a fault and always willing without a second thought, to step up to the plate for their fellow-man, no matter what.

Many people have made the ultimate personal sacrifice, that of giving their life for another; Christ (Christian doctrine), soldiers in the military, as well as numerous “unknown heros” we’ve all heard of over time. This is a level of sacrifice that’s hard to fathom and one that we might not consider if we were given time to really think about it.  I prefer to believe that each and everyone one of us would step forward to help another; all out of love for our fellow-man.

Self-sacrifice isn’t a behavior/choice known only unto man; it’s also witnessed in living things throughout nature. Look at the protection many species give their young, ie., sitting on eggs til they hatch, calling predators’ attention to themselves to divert away from young or wasps/bees protecting their hives. Again, like humans, the list for all living animals/entities making sacrifices for their species, goes on and on. It appears to be innate to all living organisms.

As summarized in Sherri Fisher’s ( MAPP ’06, M.Ed., CPBS) article linked below, self-sacrifice is recognized within literature, most major religions around world, schools and rituals such as recognition for community service.  I personally don’t know if I have the internal fortitude or discipline to deny my safety for that of another, but I do hope that if the need arises to help someone, I will without thinking, step forward to help. Do you have the inner strength to give the ultimate?


LINK to “why not me-self sacrifice as the 25thStrength”S.Fisher MAPP,M.ED,CPBS.

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