Programming our minds through marketing to react to color/icons etc- rather than logic??

marketing preprogrammed

An  article  posted this AM in Google+ made my stomach tighten: “Why Facebook is blue: The science of colors in marketing” April 25, 2013 by Leo Widrich. ( LINK to science of colors in marketing (OPEN Rt Click new tab). I totally understand the basic principles and use of colors in marketing, yet the visual of the bigger picture comes to mind and it isn’t positive overall. Are we all being responsible when designing, as to the long term effects on mankind?

Our younger generations are known to be struggling in the basics of reading, writing, science and arithmetic, with national study numbers plummeting over the last several decades with our overall ranking in the world down. Is it that we are spending too much time trying to make human behaviors/thinking easier? Why do we need to rely on emotions provoked by colors, icons, logos or pictures in making decisions, especially when there are pre-programmed responses?

What ever happened to individuals thinking about issues and making logical decisions in regards to? Isn’t it through the use of our thought processes that we get smarter/more capable or is it now merely about attaching a color to an icon/logo/subliminal message, in order to spark a preprogrammed response? (LINK to Google’s Color Emotion Guide (OPEN Rt click new tab) Is this really beneficial or helpful in how we use our thought processing or is it merely a short cut in that one doesn’t have to think that hard as the answer is already there? The tools of forming thoughts/making decisions should include color and pictures, but for the link to pre-programmed responses, a hurdle rises in my mind.

I remember years ago when the USA Today Newspaper arrived on the scene and the popularity of the paper, based heavily on  pictorial laden articles, was said to be so as the average reading capabilities in our country were about 5th grade level. I find this amazing on two levels; why put out something that belittles people even further and why not go after why the reading levels have degraded and try to find solutions. Is it always about the almighty dollar and not the overall betterment of mankind?

A blogger on the Google site made a valid point in that we, humans, put up filters and ignore most of this. My concern is for the younger, consumerism driven generations. Most  don’t have the mental tools yet, to turn off all the marketing stimuli. Will they have long-term damage/programming prior to acquiring these necessary tools? Are parents so wrapped up in consumerism themselves that they don’t think about the long-term effects on their children? If one would merely look around, it’s quite evident that society truly has a problem with its addiction to buying, buying and buying. How do we fix this?

I personally like the logic behind the use of color in marketing but don’t like what I see as potential long-term problems for society. Is it too late for society to put its foot down and demand changes? Driving down the road with marketing colors/logos/icons everywhere, I’m afraid the answer is obvious. I only hope parents still put their thinking caps on and think outside the box as to the effects all this has on their children and their capabilities to process. Again, look at our older and wiser generations for examples and guidance-they are typically unattached to the ploys as a whole. Learn moderation as instructed by our elders. As defined by Wikipedia, “Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted.”

Credit for photo: Ways to Develop a Pro Sales and Marketing Strategy – Caroline Baxter


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