Seedlings are up 1 week post planting;Get Kids Involved.

Seed germination-1 wkSeed germination wk 1 no 4Seed germination 1 wk no2

What a great Biology lesson to share with your kids, than planting seeds and watching life begin. 5-6 days post planting, 1/2 of seedlings are either popping through the soil or are up!!! You would think we were having a baby, with all the noted excitement. Visiting the green house twice a day (warm weather) to assess whether plants need water or not. Door of greenhouse is being left open during the day, which also helps toughen up the seedlings.

Gardening is an excellent example of explaining the circle of life in regards to botany/plants. It’s a very inexpensive project as well as a very doable challenge for parents to take on. Learning to grow plants, whether for food or mere pleasure, will also ‘plant the seed’ (little pun there) for your children in developing the skill of being able to provide for him or herself.

Gardening doesn’t require a large space; it can be molded into whatever space one has by use of containers. Just need sunlight, seeds, water and fertilizer (whether organic or chemical-your choice.) There are many resources available to the public re: information on gardening, such as, county extension agencies, libraries and local publications. Once you’ve established that you can grow your own produce, who knows, you might be ready to start processing as well.

Gardening was very prevalent in our society back in the 50’s and 60’s, long before so many convenience products of today hit the market. The options are endless–only takes the desire and effort.


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