Should I get a pet or do I not get a pet? Commit or not commit?

pet commitment Making the Commitment of getting a pet is hard, unless the yeahs clearly outweigh the nays? A rather large factor to consider is, who will  this decision affect long-term, as we all know that such a commitment will take ongoing day-to-day effort. Can you unequivocally say that life will be better with such a commitment?It’s a wonderful feeling to be free; to have time to come and go as you please without having to check on one more thing, thus, committing to such a long-term decision can be rather difficult to make. On the other hand, if a pet can bring you and/or your family nothing but positive rewards/experiences, then maybe you might want to re-consider.

Research as well as honest discussions need to be done before making any decisions. The more time spent in decision-making will do nothing but build your case and make the final decision iron-clad. Many online organizations, as well as local affiliations, have wonderful articles posted specifically addressing pertinent questions that will precipitate discussions within your household.

A big part of the plan is what type of pet are you interested in? Once this is established, one can spend time researching the breed to see if it will be a match for you and/or your family. If you’re not set on any particular breed and want a mixed breed, don’t forget organizations that offer pet adoption. I have included a few links that might help you in your research efforts.

My family has treasured the bonds with our pets over decades, without ever having second thoughts about our commitment. Pets are nothing but great companions as well as phenomenal entities for teaching children how to care for as well as love animals. If you aren’t 100% sure, then give yourself more time and not jump into something you’re not ready for as this will only set you up for failure. Again, I highly recommend doing your homework and being sincere with yourself in the decision-making.  Don’t forget that your pet must look like you-choose wisely as well as carefully. If you follow your heart as well as research, the odds for a wonderful life of pet companionship will be in your favor.

LINK to responsible pet owners alliance

LINK to American Humane Org–are you ready for a pet?

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