Take the Time to Enjoy A True Splendor of Nature-“God’s Flowers”

flower poem

I’m no poet by any means, just wrote this out of inspiration from all the beautiful flowers and blooms surrounding me and wanting to share with you.


Eye candy everywhere

Petals unique and meticulously painted

Spectacular explosion or flowers’ flair

Swaying stems of heights unknown

Rampant scents fill the air

Uplifting emotions their beauty invokes

Given to others to show you care

Like the Father who put them there







  1. Beautiful garden of words Belle!

  2. Sharon Miller says:

    Haven’t visited your site in quite a long time…and oh, what I’ve been missing! Your insightful word/suggestions in so many areas…you are inspired Belle!

    And the gorgeous pic of the flowers and your descriptive words—a real gift. Thank you!

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