Teach Children-money, position, materialism Doesn’t Bring True Respect

child respect Wikipedia defines respect as an entity that is “both given and received. We expect other people to respect us in return for the respect we show them. Respect is also something that is earned by the standards of the particular society in which one lives. Respect cannot be measured as a quantity, cannot be bought or traded, it is one of those things that is earned and built over time, but that can be lost with one stupid or inconsiderate act. One can ask or beg for respect, but only others can bestow us with respect as a result of their perceived treatment by us. Continued caring interactions are then required to maintain or increase that original earned respect.”

Children through mid teens really don’t have the tools to understand the true meaning of respect. It’s not uncommon today, to observe children trying to gain the upper hand over their peers through what they possess ie., name brand clothes, toys, games, electronic gadgets. This is pretty much true for early teens as well. For whatever reason, they appear to believe they are better than others when they possess certain things. Unfortunately, a lot of this behavior goes unchecked and consequently thrives in our society.

There is nothing worse than the visual of a child, teenager or young adult demonstrating disrespect in whatever way, towards their parent or authority figure. It leaves one feeling embarrassed for the parent/authority figure and labeling of the offender as someone you in turn, have no respect for; whether earned or not. I don’t believe the offender even views him or herself as a perpetrator but rather a victim of “the sky being blue”? Who knows?

A challenge for many parents is that of raising their children around those demonstrating disrespectful behavior, which can be quite difficult when its their peers. I believe it’s a tough line that has to be drawn in the sand, with good or bad consequences pertaining to whichever choice is made.  Setting rules and enforcing accordingly, will also help weed out the peers that might be a partial contributor to the problem.

Children/teenagers/young adults need to know that it is okay to have money, toys or positions of influence but that it is not okay to use these as a way to promote oneself over another. Use examples of outstanding people your family holds in high regard vs someone who pushes themselves into the limelight using the aforementioned methods. Discuss the differences with your children and let them draw their own conclusions. You might be surprised as to how bright your children really are.

We as parents, also need to explain “why” you are putting emphasis on giving and receiving respect. You also need to let them know that you are teaching them what is acceptable/unacceptable behavior, as their parent, so that they will know how to raise their own children some day. Lastly, as we all know, the most important thing to remind them is that their lives are important to you and that you love them. You may not be popular as parents in the present, but your children will definitely respect you down the road for leading them down the right path.






  1. the above is very true first and formost if you have no respect for yourself how can you possibly have any respect for others

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