The Melting Pot; Equality to all Within If System Ran Accountably?

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The fact that one race or culture thinks they are better than another is where we have all gone wrong. The United States was and is made up of people from all around the world and that is what makes her so special. People have migrated here because of basic freedoms and a chance to make something of their lives using the entrepreneurial spirit. Wikipedia describes a “melting pot as a metaphor for a heterogeneous society becoming more homogeneous, the different elements “melting together” into a harmonious whole.” Why is it that some cultures/races choose not to blend and rather want things changed on their behalf? Should the rest of the melting pot have to give credence to the part of the population that is non-compliant or non-conforming? Isn’t America about many special groups, not just one in particular?

Over the decades, many different cultures/races have migrated to the United States. We are a country made up of many and have survived several hundred years as a blended nation. We are once again experiencing problems with immigration and certain cultures lashing out and demanding attention. Our government’s job is to oversee and follow-up on the laws that have been in place for several hundred years and make sure they are followed through.  Why are we allowing demands to change our rules? Why aren’t the rules in place (which have worked for decades mind you) being followed up on? Has the government gotten so big with so many departments that no one knows who’s who and who’s doing what? Or, is it all about votes and power? What happened to common sense and accountability?

We, the people or citizens, have to follow the laws and make sure we comply with whatever it is that we are asked. There are no special favors for one group over another and each group must follow the rules when coming in, just as those before them have. The system has been in effect for a long time and should be functioning with only occasional bouts of hiccups; nothing unmanageable secondary to decades of  monitoring and management of the process? When I personally hear that certain systems are failing, such as immigration, I ask why? Where was the ball dropped and who didn’t do their jobs? Or, is it that the legal system/senate/congress are failing us with all the continuous changes in the laws?

Our forefathers would turn in their graves if they saw how upside down we’ve become as a nation? They built this country with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, so that all people would have a chance to lead a good and free life-no exceptions. The price to be paid was that we had to be accountable and respectful of the laws and in keeping order in place.  The majority of people abide by the rules but exceptions also exist. It is the non-compliant, non-melding individuals who are demanding special rights and causing our laws to be changed (through the legal system) from what did work to that which doesn’t work. I find this unacceptable, knowing full well that the three familial generations before me also worked hard to earn their keep in this country, as well as complied without causing issues.

Generations have come and gone; all having fought for our country through various wars, worked hard, paid their taxes, took care of their neighbors and left the country stronger than when they came in. Where are those people of calibre who want nothing but good for the country, a chance to make it and a chance to help others? America is a team, not a country designed for one culture or race, but many. We need to re-focus and get away from exclusivity of one group over the other. Everyone here needs to realize that many people before us made it work and we can as well. Selfishness needs to be swept aside as well as our individual differences and concentrate on the good of all.

There are opportunities and rewards for all, if everyone contributes, rather than individually taking away from the pie. There is no room for excuses, whining or free rides. Time to get away from handouts, hold up your heads, put out the effort to succeed and live with dignity. The new generations here must also learn to portray the phenomenal characteristics of their cultures/race, while blending together with the whole in making the country stronger for every citizen.

The only way to develop to our full potential as a nation is for everyone here to put out the effort. We do need to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves but those trying to take the easy ride through, need to start being honest with themselves and step up to the plate just like everyone else. It is not fair that one has to work harder than the other as we all have to pay for the freedoms and opportunities this country offers us. It is wonderful to be a part of a particular culture/race, but even greater to be a part of a country of many. Let us all work together in getting back to doing what’s right for the whole, which is the only way to make our individual moral fibers stronger.

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