Thinking out of the box. Only things etched in stone are from God.


think out of boxWe, as humans, spend at least the first 18 yrs of our lives learning the inside of the box; all the rules and regulations about anything and everything. At the end of that time period, we start to realize that we don’t have all the answers. We learn that we have to sometimes think outside of that box, as our lives don’t always fit in the box.

The path of life introduces us to challenges on a regular basis. A lot of what we learned in our younger years helps us cope/deal with most things without further ado. Don’t fool yourself though, as there will be times when what you’ve learned doesn’t cut it.¬† The best rule of thumb that I can pass on is that anything man-made¬† isn’t etched in stone and can be undone.

Throughout time, those thinking outside of the box have been the individuals with the foresight to see a problem, figure out how to reinvent or expound upon it, thus creating something more valuable for themselves as well as mankind. The brains we were given are to be used and when not, a true waste exists. We must teach our younger generations to think out of that box, be creative and not accept status-quo because they’re told to.

Don’t take me wrong as I do believe in following rules, have regard for the law as well as what my elders and history has taught me, but I want you to also realize that we are to learn from history and its mistakes, fix them and move forward. Rules and the law have changed throughout time and will always do so; whether good or bad. Each generation walking on this planet will face slightly different issues than the one before it and will have to adjust accordingly; recognize their mistakes with consequent thinking out of the box to make necessary corrections.

The only things etched in stone, in my opinion, were created thousands of years ago by our supreme being and amazingly, have withstood the test of time. There are man made versions of his word but the basic principles/laws haven’t changed. We as humans have tried to change his laws but those of us that have, look back and realize that it’s usually a mistake. Thank God for his forgiveness, who understands our humanness yet made us in his likeness with a brain.




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