Time to Re-think and Incorporate Resources of the Unemployed and Disabled?

gifts of unemploy disabled The governing bodies are way to busy being busy, trying to control too many programs and/or even staying abreast of. Unsurprisingly, most of these programs end up not solving the issues of so many that they are designed for. There does appear to be a disconnect from the Government to the recipients. Take the unemployed or disabled groups for example; here are two phenomenal resource groups with information from walking the walk, whom are pushed into categories and left sitting as non-contributors, which is totally against human nature.

The data from these groups would do nothing but offer insight into where the bureaucrats designing the programs, needed to troubleshoot at the trench level with potential fixes. Most programs are designed as the “ideal” program on paper, but fail due to over-regulations and lack of flexibility. Its obvious that the size of these programs and costs to run, without effective “in the trench” feedback, are too expensive and unrealistic in our current downed economy. You can’t expect success without quality control at the recipient level.

The Unemployment program, designed to get people back to work and from which I can speak from experience, has what I feel is a design flaw right at the beginning. Why do we the people, need immediate intervention? I personally feel that a period of at least one month prior to benefits, would create an innate push for those affected, to put out the effort NOW to find a job. The current program offers immediate assistance, which only cools off that innate drive to get a job, knowing that ‘things are okay as I’m getting help.” Here we are being groomed to be dependents instead of receiving encouragement to be independent.

Intervention with programs linking those in need of jobs with the outside world would be the ultimate. The current bombardment of programs for re-inventing, training etc., only make people think ‘maybe I’m inadequate and not worthy of getting a job in the current market and I don’t know what I’m even good at anymore.’ There’s a real psyche game that vulnerable people go through after losing a job, whatever theĀ  reason. It makes people second guess themselves and takes away that internal confidence that employers want to see when hiring and who would most likely offer the necessary on the job training. Instead of immediately critiquing people and pointing out their inadequacies, focus on their gifts. Have classes that teach positive thinking and/or how to problem solve and resolve issues.

I am not disabled but know or have worked with a lot of disabled individuals in the past and there’s nothing they would like better, than to feel worthy as contributors to society within their means, as well as earn their own way. Why are these groups with gifts/resources not being tapped? Why aren’t there programs that open the doors for individuals with gifts and life experiences that can serve the purpose of teaching others how to survive from their standpoint. Teach positive thinking; for example, “even though you’re disabled, in pain and unable to walk, you still have a phenomenal mind that has a data bank of life’s experiences and wisdom that can help guide others.” Its called build people up, now tear them down–expound upon their own unique gifts.”

This is merely a suggestion and my opinion, but why not have buses to various venues ie schools, that take those not able to contribute to society (whether disabled or unemployed) the way they use to, but are positive and willing to teach others aboutĀ  their situation and how they, through self-determination and support, made the decision to be there to share ‘real life situations and solutions.’ They can also teach their skills to others. From these contributions, credit vouchers towards groceries/rent/medical etc. could be earned. The more the person contributes and gives back, the more vouchers they can accumulate and the better they will feel about themselves by earning their way and becoming more self-sufficient.

Why not help people by teaching them to turn their demise around and use it as a positive learning event that will also serve as phenomenal training tools for others. There are no ‘free rides in life’, which is inevitable no matter what your situation. We can’t keep giving things away when there’s less and less replenishment available. We also can’t short change our most important resource on this planet, which are our people. Every age group has such valuable information that we can all learn from. Time to reassess our leaders’ skills/knowledge and teach them to re-think their good intentions by using the resources we have, right under our noses.

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