Where are the dollars going secondary to Obamacare?

side effects obamacare Have you noticed the cost of Healthcare Insurance premiums? Ridiculous increases! What are we getting in return for the increased premiums–less coverage and more out-of-pocket? I personally changed my insurance coverage this week since my employer retired and group coverage ceased. The choices (yet more expensive) are there, yet filled with details that are nothing but confusing. If you by chance have recently called insurance companies, you will find that those answering the phones, are rather confused themselves. With this in mind, DO ask questions.

We are less than a year away from the enforcement of Obamacare. The medical profession and associated entities are required to start using the ICD 10 diagnostic codes (same codes that countries with socialized medicine use). I understand the change from ICD 9 to ICD 10 as the industry was running out of numbers for reporting data in the previous system, therefore, logic is to go with a system that has potential for growth. The coding system changes are expected but carry a rather large price tag for the medical industry to convert to, as well as has multiplied the stress levels in addition to all the other changes/regulations. Why the effort to change the whole system when it would have been more logical/less expensive to change things over time and driven by priorities. How many industries do we know that have everĀ  been the same after the government tried to re-create them?

The most upsetting factor within the 2000+ page Obamacare healthcare bill is the amount of entities NOT related to healthcare that were shoved/hidden in the bill that we all now have to live with, which is plain wrong. The lack of transparency was unacceptable, especially when considering that we, the people, have to pay for it. Do we go out to buy a car and allow the dealer to shove options/warranty insurance into the price tag without our choice?

There have been sightings of some of the hidden Obamacare bill taxes, such as, the one Cabella’s has chosen to list for people to see, known as medical device taxation. Here is a sporting goods chain that carries no medical devices for retail yet is paying a “medical device tax.” Digging into the subject, you will find that the tax was linked to issues with manufacturing. This is wrong and deceptive. Why is our government deceiving us? Is this secondary to greed, power and control?

We know that the medical industry isn’t lining their pockets secondary to Obamacare; it is trying to survive and re-invent itself with all the imposed changes. Who is really making money from Obamacare? Is it the government or insurance companies by chance? Obamacare has definitely complicated all of our lives without benefits/full disclosure in sight, as well as will be costing us more money out of our tightly budgeted pockets.

Healthcare dollars are going to states that have chosen to take it. The problem is that its funding a program, known as medicaid, that hasn’t worked since its inception, at least in theĀ  state I live in. It’s heavily burdened with paper work, pays minimal monies for services and takes longer than the norm to pay out its benefits. With these facts in mind, how many medical facilities do you think will want to sign up for this program, knowing full well that they will lose money.Why are we trying to revive a dead horse?

Small businesses will most likely be cutting employee hours back or closing when Obamacare takes effect, secondary to increased healthcare related taxes/premiums. We will most likely see more government jobs as well as insurance companies getting larger and hiring more employees, while small businesses, which made our country, will decline. This equation is way out of sync in promoting growth of our economy and definitely in favor of a larger, controlling government. Where is the America our forefathers set the successful groundwork for? Why is our entrepreneurial freedom being attacked?




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