Younger generations in need of Higher Coping Skills For Handling Stress

coping skillsHow do we expect our children to react to various life stresses? We are born with innate reptilian survival coping skills but as we grow, we have need for higher coping skills from our thinking brains. How many of you parents spend time teaching coping skills to your children? Is it being put off until a crises occurs in their lives?

The best time to teach thinking, coping skills is in the pre-teen to teen years of your children’s lives. This is when they are capable of reasoning and trouble-shooting their own problems. This doesn’t mean teaching our children to be princesses or princes but rather, independent thinking beings who will be able to survive in the real world on their own. You don’t want them easily swayed into bad situations by others, only because they had no skills to handle getting around them.

Take the group of kids known to be “street-wise.” They have more relative coping skills than most kids their age. They have learned to think out of the box and trouble shoot at an early age secondary to their circumstances, for mere survival. We don’t wish this on our young children but we do have the responsibility as parents, to teach our children how to deal with life situations. Coping skills would teach our children how to use their thinking brain to override the innate primitive responses to life situations.

A wise parent would take their life experiences (within reason and age appropriateness of the children) and turn them into learning experiences for their children. For example, a mom loses her job secondary to lack of education. The mom could explain this in a logical way to her child, not failing to point out how she feels as well as discuss with more emphasis, what she will do to rectify the situation. The mom could follow through by engaging the child in her process of  seeking out educational centers and explaining how this will help her get a better job to provide for them. The positive behavior by the mom merely instills the same in her child vs a mom losing it, crying uncontrollably and sitting around the house depressed and letting herself go to pieces. This would obviously be the worse case scenario and a negative learning experience for the child.

The better prepared our children are before going out the door on their own, the more successful they will be. Take the time now, while your children are young and become aware of what we need to teach our children so that they will be independent thinkers with survival skills to better control their ride through life.





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