Amazing: Unions are Now Rejecting Obamacare!!!

side effects obamacare  Think of all the time, stress and monies that would have been saved, if we had only required our elected officials to read the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and report details back to us to vote our yay or nay’s. The gravity of these changes is further reaching than anything else our country has ever implemented and that effects all of us. The fact that the healthcare system AS A WHOLE wasn’t incorporated into the talks and/or decisions is astounding, especially since the Medical Professionals are the ones driving the car within the Healthcare system. Now, the government is driving? Something is definitely backwards.

Let’s take all the new, non-user friendly healthcare changes piled on top of the system and instead apply similar changes to the legal system or any other industry for that matter, without including that industry’s opinion/ideas etc and what do you think would be the results? Success or Failure? Doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure that outcome out.

The fact that the Affordable Care Act was pushed through the way it was, without anyone even knowing what was in it, is nothing but irresponsible. We pay our governmental officials a lot of money to do their jobs and don’t hold them accountable when their work isn’t done. What is wrong with us? Is it because we don’t take the time to pay attention. We, the people who pay the government salaries, all have to be accountable at our jobs with consequences if we don’t. There should be no exceptions for anyone.

There were many groups/individuals around the nation who told us that healthcare costs would go up, but did we listen? Now we’re facing reality and it isn’t pretty. I personally have seen my family healthcare insurance premiums go up considerably, thus forcing us into accepting a lesser plan with a higher deductible. These insurance companies are wealthy and as to why the costs are rising prior to Obamacare start date, doesn’t make sense. People/employers/industries are now coming to their senses as the financial strings are being pulled. Those who initially backed Obamacare, are now taking the other side.

Where is it published, as to why Insurance premiums are increasing? Unless costs are frozen, straight across the board within the Healthcare field (not just the Doctors fees) the equation will never be balanced. Everyone involved (including the insurance companies) has to take part of the overall financial hit. The Doctors have been hit so hard that many are migrating away from private practice and either retiring or being hired by large clinics or hospitals. The system is imploding and all within are trying to re-invent themselves in order to survive.

There are still a lot of unknowns to come down the pike and which will roll out once Obamacare begins at first of year. I personally hope that patient healthcare won’t suffer anymore than it already is with all the mandated changes. Electronic health records has many hurdles in front of it, with support costs that will be expensive to maintain. Medical support staff will be harder to find secondary to the increased skill and knowledge demands at the entry-level. Insurance paperwork will be mind-boggling for those working within the system as well as for the patients, who don’t have a clue. There is a disconnect between all healthcare related entities in that tunnel vision is what’s behind changes being made; all scrambling to survive secondary to the new demands and regulations.

Baby steps would have been a much better approach from within the industry, rather than the giant steps that are underway and put in place by those not within the industry. Maybe I’m missing something but if I am, it’s not as obvious as the hurdles I see coming. Let there be hope or some semblance of order that shakes out of all of this, otherwise, the medical industry will never be even close to the caliber it was and/or has been.



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