Are Reality Shows an Insult to Intelligence,Mindless Escape or A Need for Drama?

american reality showsAre we, the public, really watching as well as enjoying “all” the reality  shows currently on television? Do these shows offer lessons we can actually use in our daily lives, or, are reality shows merely a mindless escape needed to unwind from our overly busy lives?

I’m personally not a fan of reality television, but do find myself occasionally peering at the television screen when a reality show is on. I do admit that there is a lot of excitement surrounding this genre of shows but fail to see any life contributing values, other than entertainment and even that’s questionable. A few decades ago, a show comparable to today’s reality shows, wouldn’t be televised. We use to be shocked from daytime soaps.  How did we ever dream up as well as make popular, such sensationalism? Have we progressed or regressed?

Obviously, the answer is a matter of personal preference related to endless choices of mind-boggling entertainment surrounded by shock factor/sensationalism, current drama and/or deep pockets. Did I miss anything? Oh yes, also age focused. Maybe I’m not a targeted fan secondary to my age and/or have also reached the realization that time is too precious as well as a gift,  to even consider wasting on sensational entertainment. Maybe that’s why I’m more of a Lifetime channel follower on occasion–warm and fuzzy life lesson rewards for my time invested.

Reality shows are targeted more for the 18-35 year olds, which one can pretty much summarize by the advertisements linked to the shows. Reality shows aren’t new and have been around for some time, but have definitely become much more prevalent. I do hope that parents are appropriately limiting the younger generations’ exposure to some of these shows which are definitely more adult-oriented. Its but a matter of time before the creative juices flow and the younger generations have reality shows and/or entertainment choices of their own. You guessed it, the older generations will continue to question the validity or appropriateness of what’s being aired.

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