Are We Really Helping Our Fellow Man OR Are We Too Distracted?

distractions Human Beings are known to need attention, possess desires to achieve, want to make lots of money, desire all the comforts of life; on and on and on. When does the “ITS ALL ABOUT ME” end? Where does helping our fellow-man fit in? I once saw a saying on a reader board at a local church that went something like this ‘Look Into Your Checkbook and You Will Have a Good Idea of  Who Your Gods Are.’ This struck me like a rock to the head and yes, I went home and looked at my checkbook.  Are these distractions  the roots that drive our daily lives?

You can open any paper, magazine, social media site,website etc and see all the humanitarian projects going on around the world, but, are we forgetting that there are people right next to us needing help. Are we truly reaching all those in need on a regular basis and not just when there’s a humanitarian crises? There are issues that create larger than life challenges to reaching everyone, such as geography, but that isn’t a problem for helping the neighbor in need across the street. It doesn’t have to be an extraordinary event of reaching out, but rather simple things, such as passing on clothing your kids are no longer wearing and theirs might be able to use, a hot meal, mowing their yard, sharing baked goods, taking them to the doctor or church. Tasks that show you care and that are so valuable to those in need.

I personally fight the distractions in my own life. It’s so easy to be busy doing tasks rather than being focused on helping others, fully well realizing that one’s  list never grows smaller by choice. Are we so wrapped up in our own aches and pains as well as human issues that we’ve become nothing but self-absorbed? I try to take time to reflect on how God did what he did; helping so many out of love, not based on the purpose of drawing attention to self, but rather to serve mankind and show us by example. Part of that ‘walking the walk thing.’ He made it look so easy yet he as well as we, all know how hard it is.

I heard a parable last week about a man wanting to be a follower of Christ and who had done everything he was supposed to except for giving up his riches/things, which he stated he couldn’t do.  Why? Did he not try hard enough or was it because he became so self-absorbed that he didn’t ask for help and/or couldn’t admit that he didn’t know how. Is this how it is for mankind; blinded by all our distractions and not willing to put out the effort to change? Can we not see that this is a selfish path we’re on and one not helping us to walk the walk in helping one another?

If each of us would only take the time to look at ourselves within the big picture, I would venture to bet that we would all eventually realize how distractions  run our lives, instead of us being in control and doing what we know is right. I can attest to a lifetime of being a task master; all the while possessing an inner struggle to spend more time helping others. Its taken way too long for me in waking up, but thank God I have. We all need to strive at being more humble and charitable to those around us, as well as asking for help, on a regular basis, to stay on tract. I truly believe that this is the only path that will bring us self-peace.




  1. Amen!! Ya just about said it all in this one, Belle. Jesus is smiling because of your understanding of these truths & for sharing this with others. May God contine to bless you as you continue to bless so many others through your writings.

  2. Sharon Miller says:

    You must have a great hammer Belle – cause you keep hitting the nail on the head! Thanks for sharing the continuing culmination of your personal growth on this journey called life! You exude common sense and wisdom!

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