As Time Moves On-Is There Something Missing In Your Sense of Self?

meaning of life We’re all taught to head out the door, work hard and strive to succeed, in addition to living a moral life and helping others. As time ticks on, the ‘working hard part’ grows tedious but remains a “have to” in our lives. The enthusiasm one has when they first start out into the work world, becomes less and less palpable. As one’s family size increases over time, so do family issues and the ever increasing pressures to keep the balance in one’s life. Material things become more and more superficial with short lived happiness, thus leaving  a more inherent personal need for psychological, social and spiritual clarity.As each decade passes by, one’s insights change accordingly. Reality or life’s events, have their way of chipping away at one’s sense of self, leaving one feeling vulnerable and all the while, wondering what their real purpose in life is. The more life stresses one encounters, the more time is spent seeking out answers. No matter what the driving force causing one to pursue answers or clarity in their life, it’s a normal occurrence as well as a quest for many.

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, author of ‘How to Find Your Spiritual Rx. ‘ (Link to Spirituality and “You might feel that something is missing in your life, something you desperately want. You could be longing for inspiration. Or community. Or quality time. You could be in pain and in need of healing. You could be feeling happy and grateful and compelled to give something back to the universe. You could be facing a crisis and know that how you handled such situations in the past won’t be enough this time. You could be burned out. You could be worried about your loved ones or frightened about the very real dangers in the world. You could be sensing that your life could be more meaningful but not know how to go about making it so.”

Kenneth I Pargament PhD’s article, ‘What Role Do Religion and Spirituality Play In Mental  Health?’ (Link to American Psychological Assoc. Religion-spirituality Kenneth I Pargament PhD) , clearly depicts the importance of  incorporating the topic/subject of spirituality as part of people’s overall psychological makeup. Per Kenneth I Pargament PhD,  “Finally, emerging research is showing that spiritually integrated approaches to treatment are as effective as other treatments. There is, in short, good scientifically based reason to be more sensitive to religion and spirituality in clinical practice.”

Whatever method one seeks to help them find answers and /or cope with life, the important thing is that there are options or resources available for those in need, whether from family, friends, 3rd party entities and/or God. Life is full of challenging events, many of which leave us with the need to look outside ourselves for answers. We are all from various walks of life and all have our own unique ways of dealing with our reality but we do have one thing in common; we’re all human and need to realize we don’t have all the answers.





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