Belle’s Ongoing Spring Garden Prep: Post #9

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Planting almost done!! Won’t be long and will be reaping the benefits of all the hard work. Won’t have to drive to the store for fresh produce and/or fruit, but instead, merely walk to the back yard to obtain. In addition to the convenience, the garden also provides opportunity to be out in the sun daily as well as exercise. Win-Win!

Flower pots are also planted and now soaking up the sun and water, as well as providing views of  nature’s beauty. Prepared soil in pots; soaked soil with Vitamin B solution then let sun hit the pots for a few hours, leaving the soil slightly damp before transplanting plants. Once pots were planted with the flowers, poured a little more of the Vitamin B solution (since plants are in stress mode while being transplanted from one pot to the next) solution around each plant. Be careful to not over-water and to not use too powerful of a spray on new plantings.

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