Commitments WE Can All Participate In-Helping Our Neighbors!

helping neightbors The highlight of my day yesterday was a phone conversation with an elder person I uphold with nothing but respect. During the conversation, a discussion arose regarding a mutual and quite young friend going through cancer therapy. I had not been around this young individual in decades but definitely knew of the family. The illness had also limited the ability of this individual to be able to work which created a very tough financial situation as there is also an elder person living there.

This influential elder person divulged to me that she had an extra $50 dollars she was not using and did not need, therefore, told her son, who also matched the funds out of his pocket, that she had a new monthly commitment; that of helping out this young friend. In addition to the monies, there would be the investment of time in visiting as well as sharing of meals and garden produce.

This phone call and subject really touched home for me. We all give what we can to help out various non-profit organizations that help others around the world, which is a great example of being a good steward. The problem I personally have with that is that there is no true personal commitment (other than writing a check) and/or time invested in setting a better example. Here is something as simple as looking around to see who is in need-how many of us take the time out of our busy days to do this? It doesn’t have to be money, it can be whatever resource (time, food, physical work) you can offer that is beneficial. Think of the love the people you help will experience when at the bottom of their game and really need to know there is hope somewhere.

I challenge all of us, myself included, to do a better job of helping our neighbors with no paybacks required. This is a true example of personal commitment and one so greatly needed everywhere. If we start small by helping those around us, this act of kindness and love will blossom  in all effected, who will in turn pass on such wonderful examples to others. What better commitment to also teach your children.  This effort would create a chain of events that would make a positive mark on mankind.

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