Dissociation b/t the Talk and The Walk; Destruction of Humanity?

walk-the-talk2We are all witness to ‘dissociation between the talk and the walk’ in today’s societies. So many of us are so busy leading the shallow/stale life; speaking the perfect words, wearing the perfect clothes, displaying the best manners, but without any portrayals of the actual walk. Empty words? Hypocrisy? Is the potential there for destruction of humanity?

Have we gotten so far away from living our own words that we’re numb to reality? Are we so enamored with the “fluff” in life that we’ve lost track of any purpose? Do we spend time actually helping our fellow-man instead of merely speaking the words? Is it that we can’t truly accept anything out of our comfort zones? Too many questions and not enough displays of people actually walking their talk.

Take the media for example,what is the main emphasis of daily broadcasts–scandals, sensationalism, what’s popular? Have we blocked our minds from reality and in particular, our fellow-man in need, but rather busied ourselves with non pertinent issues? Maybe it’s because of my age, but I am overly concerned with what I see. I lived the shallow life for a while, working intensely to get ahead, acquiring things and not spending enough time helping others. It was a path that had no links to real happiness; something was always beyond your reach which only made one work harder, all the while missing out on what’s important in life.

I happened upon a sermon by Pope Francis broadcast from Rome this am. What a simple, yet eye-opening message given!¬† A summation of his words were that Humanity is on the wrong path; It’s not about theology, politics or philosophy but about being christians-all made in the likeness of God. He went on to say that our societies today are full of lies with Ethics teaching us that everything is the same; which only damages humanity. He noted that many religious groups/movements¬† have become so closed off in believing their own principles/words that they have lost their purpose and grown stale, thus in the process of dying, without any new air or true purpose in helping humanity.

Pope Francis gave an example of how people help others today, ie-giving monies to a person in need without actually touching them or truly knowing what they’re going through. We give but then we want to wash our hands from the touch-dissociated from that point on. We’ve learned the words but lost the walk. We’ve forgotten how to be truly¬† accountable. He went on to say that we need to quit being stale in our principles as we don’t need to have any particular associations, in order to help others.

Our focus on materialism and disposable everything has got to be reined in. We all need to start at a personal level by cutting back, spending more time looking around and focusing on those truly needing our help. Time to interlink our walk with our words as well as hold those around us accountable. Treat evil with good and lead by example. Religion for me is at a personal level and I respect all individuals choices of and practices of, but this sermon today enlightened me to speak out, as to the path our world is on and how we need to change it–keep it simple–love God and love our neighbors without distractions, no matter where they are in the world.


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