No Matter What the Catastrophe, It Still Effects Us All

helping in devastation The destruction in Moore, Oklahoma today and other counties yesterday, is beyond belief. Those who have been on the planet for a while, have in one way or another experienced some sort of natural disaster. Whether actually related to someone directly involved or not,  an event such as today, evokes nothing but a gut wrenching reaction.

A lot of physical destruction is widespread in 21 counties of Oklahoma. Death tolls are rising and first responders are working frantically trying to reunite families with their missing members. Leaders are doing their jobs and rapidly putting resources into play. Volunteers have come forth from all over the country and aid services are already in place. Occurrences such as today’s aren’t new and unfortunately, forever change so many lives in one way or another.

It’s during such events that we see people come forth to help, secondary to love of their brothers and sisters. The borders/walls put up by humans on a day-to-day basis, come down without prompting and hands reach out to treat others in need–something we all hope for if and when those days occur. Why is it that we have to always go through such devastation to see people caring for their fellow-man?

I personally pray for all effected, that the bravery and care of those there to help, will touch as many lives as they possibly can. May we also learn from this event and incorporate necessary changes when the time comes to start rebuilding. May God watch over all and help minimize their pain.


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