Who Is Really Superior–Man or Mother Nature?

Man or Nature Is man really the supreme being on the planet? Our world is in such disarray, with most of it being caused by mankind and his interventions, that it leaves nothing but questions regarding mankind’s superiority in intelligence and survival. Mankind is great at thinking and intervening but also at  destroying. Where has the balance gone? Let’s Look at Mother Nature, taking the species of Bees and Ants, for example. Leadership and efficiency to the max. , teamwork like no other and with accountability large and in the forefront, otherwise, they wouldn’t survive.

“A hive is supported by the queen, drones and worker bees, each having their own unique roles. Hives continue to thrive and lead to more colonies and hives because of the particular tasks that every bee does. The hive will continue to grow, develop and survive as long as every member functions properly.” (LINK to Beehives). On the other hand, bees are now disappearing around the world secondary to many man related causal issues; insect sprays, less beekeepers, less wild flowers etc.

Now, let’s look at Ants. “All ants are social insects. With few exceptions, ant colonies divide labor between sterile workers, queens, and male reproductives, called alates. Winged queens and males fly in swarms to mate. Once mated, queens lose their wings and establish a new nest site; males die. Workers tend to the colony’s offspring, even rescuing the pupae should the nest be disturbed. The all-female workforce also gathers food, constructs the nest, and keeps the colony clean.” “Ants perform important tasks in the ecosystems where they live. Formicids turn and aerate the soil, disperse seeds, and aid in pollination. Some ants defend their plant partners from attacks by herbivores. “(LINK to Learn About Ants, Family etc.)

You could take many different species of animals and/or insects on the planet and view similar behaviors to that of the ants and bees. Why is it that mankind can’t live in harmony such as that demonstrated by other species? Have we lost track of the big picture and why we’re here? Has man’s primary focus changed to that of self focus, acquisition based and/or to conquer? Have we forgotten that we as man, are primarily social beings, not loners and need one another to survive? Where are we going? Is destruction of mankind in our path?

Mankind’s  path wasn’t as off course 3-4 decades ago. People then had more of a tendency to work together for the common good. There also wasn’t a focus on mega materialism, as it didn’t exist. People then were known to be God-fearing, thus keeping God front and center in their lives. Also, it wasn’t as if people were not using their brains and inventing things to make life easier, but you didn’t see the insane commercialism or pre-occupation with goods, that is so prevalent today. There were also fewer people on the planet which obviously meant less in your face competition. What happened to checks and balances amongst civilization?

Did the world’s increasing population, increased communications and needs open Pandora’s box? Did mankind not possess the mental tools to keep things in perspective but rather chose to follow the slippery enticing slope of power and greed? Were the lives of common people too mundane and meaningless for all or only a handful, who in turn chose the easier route and enticed others along the way to join them?

To quote Mencius or Meng Tzu (372 – 289 BC), 1 of China’s greatest philosopher, “The foundation of the world lies in the countries. The foundation of the countries lies in the families, while the foundation of the families lies in each of individuals.” Based on these relationships, it is clear that the fate of the world lies in the hands of each individual. Nowadays, mankind becomes so corrupted and immoral that calamities striking everywhere in the world, signal the destruction of human race. This is because our True Nature is covered by our emotions and desires. In order to save this world from destruction, it is necessary to revive the free flow of our True Nature. Once it’s revived, we start seeing right, saying things, and doing things right. We can start improving the quality of our life, which in turn, affects favorably those of our family, friends and people around us.” (LINK to Mencius, Chinese Philosopher)

Can we ever go back to the basics or have we left Mother Nature in such disrepair that it isn’t possible. I personally believe it is a conscious choice that needs to be made by each and every person on our planet. We all have to stand up for what is right and not be afraid to speak out. If there’s ever going to be hope as well as longevity for the future generations, we all have to put out the efforts now. I know it means taking the focus and/or emphasis off ourselves, but its the only way if we want to attain success for all.





  1. That’s “right on” thinking Belle. Thanks for the reminder we need to get out of ourselves & get back with God. The example of ants & bees & their way of life are perfect examples of working together, purpose, balance, nature, etc & I for one appreciate your example of seeing the big picture through small things. Good lessons to be learned & reminders. It’s complex, yet so simple!

    • You are wise Sea Tea!!! So easy to wander off course and wrap ourselves in distractions, never realizing until later in life that we made a wrong turn. A good life takes effort, even by the ants and bees!!! Take care.

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