Why aren’t people questioning Information not correct or clear??

ask tough questionsSocial media blogging (for lack of a better term) clearly magnifies the fact that most people don’t question what it is they are told, regardless of the truth. Whatever happened to questioning what someone tells you, especially if one doesn’t clearly understand? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist and know everything in order to ask questions. Asking questions is how we learn and what stimulates true teachers to divulge even more information.

Referring to a particular example this am, regarding facts on a medical issue on Google+, I saw several authoritarian type comments regarding information that was not entirely correct and with no statements as to where information was acquired. The most troublesome part of the entire scenario was that comments from those partaking in the blog, appeared to accept the information verbatim with very minimal questions asked. If that information is used as verbatim facts down the road and wasn’t entirely correct, will those stating the incorrect information be there to say oops?

Are people not questioning what they’re told because they don’t want to hurt feelings, want to be popular, concerned with being politically correct, afraid to speak out in an area not familiar to them, already know all the answers or just want to post something or be square? I’m in no way a teacher but have been raised to question the status quo, especially when it doesn’t make sense.

Are people so bombarded with information¬† that they’re functioning on overload, are numb and don’t really care? Have we lost our desire to learn the truth/facts? Look at young children as an example. You can state something to a group of young children and within seconds, all hands will go up and questions/information will flow. The desire to learn is so palpable.

I will give the younger generations the benefit of the doubt but I do hope that when they’re seeking out significant information pertaining to anything in particular, scrutiny will prevail and questions will arise. Realize that you are your own guardian and no one will watch out for you more than yourself. Hold others accountable for what they say and if not correct, step forward and speak out. If everyone does this, information will be much more credible and valuable– a little effort is all it takes.



  1. people have become complacent and lazy in there approach to life why think when you can press a button for information it is only questioned if it has a negative impact on a personal level but if you ask a computer straight question for straight answer you will not get it what you get is 10 pages of possible answers why i only want one answer without realising we are becoming programmed ourselves which in turn will become controlled you can see future generations will lose the ability to think for themselves unless this trend stops technology is bringing the old sci fi movies to life end up information zombies give me individual brain power anyday

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