Belle’s 2013 Spring Into Summer Garden


With the very warm temperatures and irrigation (magic formula), everything’s growing near the ‘out of control’ stage. Wonderful salad greens, herbs of all types, fava beans, pea pods, rhubarb, horseradish, apricots and donut peaches. Produce is abundant, geographically handy, fresh as can be and a lot less expensive than what is currently on the store shelves. We’re in the feast stage and it definitely keeps you busy picking, processing and/or giving away.

Even if you don’t eat everything yourself, its fun to have something to share with visitors and/or neighbors. The garden is a time commitment but carries so many benefits with it in addition to great food, including but not limited to, regular exercise! Again, it also teaches the young ones the skills of how to be self-sufficient and care for themselves. How can you go wrong?






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