Belle’s Ongoing 2013 Garden–Post # ???? Harvesting is Ramping Up.

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The first two photos in this blog are personally extra special. They are of my 87 yr. old father’s garden and his Kiwi patch. When someone tells me gardening is too much work, I’m totally amazed at how non committed some people can be, only because something takes a little more effort than they are willing to give. It’s about quality of life and I’m sorry to say that nothing is handed to us and if you want it, work for it. Rather harsh I know, but its nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Instead of sitting in a corner in a retirement or nursing home, my father is in his home and doing what he loves. His memory isn’t what it use to be but he’s still able to live out his passions, contribute to mankind in the sharing of his wisdom and fruits of his labors as well as serve as a phenomenal example for us ‘youngerlings,’ who are next in line.  His efforts will not go unnoticed as we have learned great things from him and will pass this knowledge/legacy on to the generations under us.

The last 2 photos (to the right) are of the ‘ongoing Belle Garden of 2013.’ Yes, we are reaping what we sowed. The greens are absolutely wonderful; arugula, mustard, mixed etc., pea pods delicious enough to eat off the vine and artichokes that are coming on in multiples.  In addition to the wonderful fresh vegetables, we’re still getting our daily exercise while hoeing and tending to the harvest as well as observing mother nature and all her treasures; weather, birds singing, bees buzzing and the occasional thieves (crows, partridges etc) running through and stealing what they can.

The gardening process doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging. Even though rewarding, gardening is labor intensive, yet on the other hand, only lasts but a few months each year. I hate to admit it but I’d much rather be outside enjoying the fresh air and entertainment provided us by mother nature–peaceful and with a stress level at a minimum. Gardening also provides a source of enjoyment and sharing of food with friends and neighbors.

We’ve already dried our mushrooms (morrels) picked last month and have placed them in ziplocs (dated) and stored on the pantry shelves for the coming year. Bing cherries are being picked from the trees and eaten almost as fast as they are picked. Horseradish is about 1-2 feet high and before long, we’ll dig up the root, clean it and grind into a ‘hot’ wonderful condiment. The Fava beans are up and will be picked end of this month, then dried and stored. Pepper plants (all varieties) are up and about 1-2 feet high but won’t be ready to pick until around mid July. Peach harvest is right around the corner. There are many more treats coming and will have more photos and ‘how to’s coming your way. Stay tuned.



  1. Sharon's Miller says:

    Nice input you shared about the realities of gardening – hard work and sweet rewards! Great story about your Dad – what a gift to family, friends and community. Keep up your good work to help all of come to a greater awareness of not only our own potential but to help make this world a better place for everyone.

    • AS you well know, nothing is easy and/or happens without effort. Taking the time to learn from those around us, especially our families and extended families, makes the process so much easier!

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