Dealing with Family Healthcare Crises in world of New Treatment Regulations!

healthcare crises 2  I apologize for not being present last several weeks but as a family, my siblings and I are trying to manage familial acute care crises as well as develop and set a transition in place that will help avoid future, manageable issues. Healthcare has become a battle in that you have to stand up for your rights and speak out when something doesn’t make sense. Now, even though we questioned treatment last hospital visit, we were shut down by new regulations and now, since they didn’t use common sense, we’re heading right back to do what should have been done.

The issue we’re dealing with could have been avoided if treated correctly the first time around, but secondary to mandated changes in hospital treatment protocols, things that were automatically addressed and treated in the past are now more regulated and not available. I’m sure that the hospital we were in and going back to will most likely be dinged by medicare for readmission in less than 30 days. To think that these new regulations are going to make healthcare more efficient. I find it simply amazing that we’re going  backwards in time.

I’m so proud of that family with the young girl nearing death from Cystic Fibrosis. They stood up for what was right as treatment was available and the government has no right in “acting as a physician or God” in telling people they can’t have treatment. I’m afraid it’s going to be a fight for all of us from here on out in seeking necessary, available healthcare; especially for the young and elderly.

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