Healthcare Industry has NO choice; Be Prepared and Ready to Go.

side effects obamacare

Most medical related personnel are still in a state of shock when it comes to all the changes they are having to deal with, secondary to the upcoming Obamacare start date. In addition to the regular work schedules related to managing patient care, everyone effected is now spending any extra moments attempting to figure out the maze of regulations, working out the bugs in their new EHR and Practice management software, as well as making sure all appropriate codes are being imputed in order to get credit for meaningful use and Rx. Incentive programs. If that’s not enough, will throw another wrench into the wheel, that of dealing with private insurance company rules, (not to forget new HCA’s rules on the horizon) of which no two are alike. If any consolation from this state of confusion, its knowing that you’re not alone.

In the May 25, 2013 issue of Medical Economics, an article titled ‘Washington Budget Battle Focuses on ACA’ (affordable care act) states that the “House Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means and Education and the Workforce Committee released an updated ‘Obamacare Burden Tracker’. It is described as a real-time, online resource of all of the new government mandates, rules and red tape resulting from the ACA. Currently, the tracker estimates that the law adds nearly 190 million hours in compliance for healthcare providers, employers and patients.” The committee goes on to state “it is not surprising that over 70% of small businesses cite the healthcare law as a major obstacle to job creation.”

It is most obvious that the entire industry is in disarray and trying to navigate the maze of ongoing regulations/red tape. I envision nothing but more and more layers of inefficiency being created, in that there are so many involved that no one knows who’s who and who’s doing what. It’s as if the medical machine is breaking down and with its age and all, the parts to replace it are no longer available thus requiring re-engineering/improvising to come up with solutions to fix it; full well knowing that the original will never be the same.

The NEW Healthcare System will require broad shoulders and thick skin from all involved. There is an ever changing learning curve, unlike no other, currently being experienced by all aspects of the industry. Before I recently retired from the healthcare industry after 35+ years, I had come to the realization that it was impossible to stay on top of the constant barrage of changes/rules, as well as deal with the increase in frustrations and stress levels. The daily workload of patients always demanded a significant amount of time, yet, the administrative demands were now vying for, as well as clashing with, the time needed for the primary purpose-patient care.

The Healthcare Industry’s Elite designers have some good ideas but the approach of completely overhauling everything at one time is, in my opinion, is way too much pressure on those in the trenches, to handle at any given time. There appears to be a disconnect (within the new healthcare changes) between the designers/theorists and the clinical sides of medicine. Have the links of communication been destroyed secondary to all the layers and layers of beauracracy, with all included trying to justify their jobs?

Putting all theories and issues aside, the go button has already been pushed, thus leaving no alternate routes other than jump in and go forward. I do not believe that everything being implemented is what the healthcare industry really needs, but am only hoping that constructive feedback will be a large part of the equation between the theorists, clinicians and patients. Everyone has to step up to the plate and WORK TOGETHER EQUALLY, with some participants needing to listen more attentively rather than continuing their over-zealous approach of more red tape and regulations.


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