Healthcare Insurance Premiums dramatically rising–where’s the check and balance?

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We have been viewing a rise in Healthcare Insurance premiums for at least a year and a half now. Has anyone been told the actual reason for the ongoing hikes? Where is the check and balance system to protect the consumers? Are the Insurance lobbyists and laws protecting only the Insurance companies? With Obamacare about to take effect on Jan 2014, what say so do we as consumers have, in protecting our bottom lines?

The¬† HCA’s (secondary to upcoming Obamacare) that are currently being set up in various states, are speaking of a potential Annual $2000 out-of-pocket consumer expense, in addition to the required monthly premiums. How will people, who can’t afford healthcare in the first place, come up with an extra $2000 a year in order to have coverage? Will more people opt out of healthcare and accept the assessed fine and if so, what if they are to become sick and aren’t covered?

Where will the non-insured turn for healthcare? The only thing Obamacare is doing right now is creating another bureaucratic layer within the healthcare system, thus making it more complicated for the average person to figure out. How many deaths will it take in order for us the people to wake up and demand less regulations on the healthcare industry as well as more accountability from management of the healthcare system? In my opinion, it has become ridiculous!

The old healthcare system, no matter whether a person had insurance or not, at least took people in and cared for them in their time of need; all the while writing off the costs. With the current continuing, significantly decreased reimbursements to the healthcare system, this option is fading into the sunset. Why can’t a tax credit be offered to the healthcare system for seeing people without coverage? Why aren’t price freezes being put in place within the healthcare system, to at least have time to logically figure out where changes need to be made instead of automatically hitting the payment to the personnel operating within¬† the healthcare system.

We all need healthcare yet the system we’ve been relying upon, is slowly disintegrating before our eyes. The costs that will be incurred to manage a more regulated and complicated system will be exorbitant. Healthcare doesn’t need more levels of management but rather, better organization within the trenches and micro management of the costs, with emphasis on decreasing waste and redundancy.

I personally have seen an unannounced premium increase over the last 3 months, secondary to a new insurance plan I had to migrate to once my job ended with business closure. I am not happy about these increases, especially since no logical reason has been offered. There appears to be a dissociation between the Healthcare Insurance companies and their clients. They want our business but when it comes times to needing their help, the pages and pages of regulations/non-payment policies, appear to grow right before our eyes, as well as the laws to keep them in line, seem to be losing their clout. Meanwhile, their CEO”s and management continue to rake in the big bucks in their annual bonuses.

We, the people, also need to take on ownership of our bodies and be more responsible in our lifestyle choices. Maybe an increased assessment on documented higher risk factors, secondary to our lifestyle choices, yet with a built-in assessment decrease, when documented improvement in our lifestyle choices occur. Let’s get back to something simple and basic; consequences for our personal choices. Should we not be the keepers of our own bodies?

Healthcare premium increases have to be linked to more accountability. Someone needs to be watching this more closely and protecting us, the consumers. If this system is in place, why isn’t it working–a year and a half of premium increases without reported reason, proves otherwise. Time to write our legislators, that is, unless you feel the increases are legitimate and you are personally able to withstand the constant increases. Time for some good ole common sense and effort!


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