Save Your Family Emotional Anguish–Put Wishes In Writing NOW, Before A Crises!

family crises

Please do your family a favor and not wait until a crises strikes before declaring your wishes on paper. My siblings and I are currently going through parent healthcare crises; both of whom have been healthy all their lives up until a period of the last few years. Our parents have recorded their wishes in the past, thus preventing us from having to guess their wishes under duress of a healthcare crises. 

I have spent decades in the healthcare industry and can speak from experience, including observations, of how having to make emotional decisions during a familial crises, can tear family relationships apart and leave affected family members with a lifetime of emotional guilt and hurt. Why even go there? It’s merely about taking the time to put out the effort and asking your parents their wishes if the worst case scenario were to ever happen. Its far less emotional to do this than try to second guess someone’s wishes when they’re unable to respond, as well as when surrounded by others who have opposing opinions.

Questions should entail such things as: 1)Do they want to be left on life support systems if in a long-term coma with questionable outcome. 2)If diagnosed with a terminal illness, do they want to seek treatment? 3)Are they insured for any type of catastrophe and if not, would they consider selling their possessions/assets to cover costs? 4)Do they want a particular family member to act as legal representative in making their healthcare decisions? 5)If in need of assisted living, what are their choices as well as wishes? 6)Has a familiar representative been chosen to handle financial issues? These are but a few questions to get you started in thinking as to what needs to be asked and recorded. Once recorded or documented, everyone involved should be given a copy with permanent copy kept in safe place by designated representative.

I guarantee that if you do this simple task, if and when your family undergoes a healthcare crises, you won’t be emotionally drained trying to make critical decisions for another person’s life without knowing their wishes. With this major and critical task behind you, time can be spent in a more loving and supportive role of providing dignity to the involved individual (s).


  1. Sharon Miller says:

    Always, your advice is timely and on spot! Kudos to you for provoking realistic thinking and planning to indeed allow one to focus on the individual when there are medical challenges. Keep up your insightful sharing – it is appreciated!

  2. Sarah Davis says:

    You always get my brain wheels turning! Love your wisdom that shines in your blog.

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