Stepping Up To The Plate To Help Others Going Through Life’s Transitions

transition I have been spending the week (which is why you haven’t heard much from me lately) helping others through difficult health care crises. It has been grueling in a lot of ways but also rewarding. There is an associated experience of  what I call a ‘heart warming bond’ bestowed from one human being to another when mutually going through a life changing event. The mental peace you can bring to those in crises by just being there to help, is larger than life.

Dealing with tasks we don’t like is never a pleasant undertaking. Unfortunately, the time does come in our lives in which we have to step forward and help make decisions for others, in order for them to be able to move on to wherever it is that they need to go. Typical examples of needed intervention are when a new baby arrives home, young adult children moving to college, spouse starting new job with move to new area, someone going through a healthcare crises, parents selling home and moving into a retirement center and/or caring for someone approaching end of life or death.

I am personally finding that in my situations, the intervention needed is that of a trusted person who can be confided in, someone possessing a logical thought process, one who is not afraid to research and finds options, then steps up to help formulate a doable plan. People, no matter the age, experiencing transition issues, all need various forms of reinforcement from other humans/family as they step from the known into the unknown.

Most of the Younger generations needing assistance, haven’t experienced a lot of the real world yet, so aren’t quite sure as to the direction they need to head, therefore, guidance is more of what is typically needed, with them doing the majority of the research etc. The older people become, the less flexible they are and the harder it is for them to even mentally process what they have to face, in addition to having to formulate and carry out a plan. Older generations need to be allowed to vocalize, require more tenderness, as well as allowed the needed patience from their support people in understanding their issues and consequent decision-making.

The point we must not forget, is that there is a huge personal reward from being a part of these life experiences, in which we’re helping others. You not only receive mutual love from the ones you’re helping, but you’re learning so much about people and life that you can’t obtain from reading. In situations involving close personal relationships, the bonds between the helper and the one being helped, grow stronger. The bonds obtained from human interactions can’t be bought but rather earned and are so rich in what they offer regarding life’s lessons.

As previously stated, some situations aren’t for the light of heart but once you commit to helping someone, you can’t break their trust and back out on them. Your word is who you are and you have to walk the walk. Like they say, ‘you’re only given as much as you can handle.’  I’m a total believer of this through what I’ve witnessed/experienced in my path through life. Do not forget that others before us  have gone through transitions in life and gone on to lead happy/healthy lives. There are many around us who can be tapped into for advice and who are more than happy to help by merely asking. Don’t be afraid to put out the effort to help those in need and remember, your day of need will come as well.


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