Want and/or Need a Job–A Few Hints To Help Get Your Feet in The Door

interview-tipsPut on your best clean clothes, cover up any tattoos if possible, pull your hair back so your face is present and work on a personal statement that will tell the interviewer ‘why you deserve the job.” Employers are looking for people who they can communicate with, who look professional–not sloppy or disheveled, are time oriented/not tardy, are respectful and willing to work hard at whatever is needed. Leave the ‘drama’ and ‘attitudes’ at home.

After 3+ decades of hiring/firing, I can attest to the aforementioned statements. I have seen just about anything and everything come through the door looking for jobs. I have found that when a person is seriously interested in the posted job, they typically exude this through their presenting attitude and body language. Realize that the interviewer has a good idea, even before the interview, what personality type will be most beneficial to their overall team. Keyword to all being interviewed is “team.”

Great rule of thumb is to not belittle or look down upon any task that you might be asked to perform, full well realizing that there are benefits to knowing all positions and how they interconnect in the operation of an organization. The best employees within a company are those who are willing to work with their peers, even cross training, in the event that someone is sick and can step in to help. I personally remember a job at which there were no janitorial services for a few months–yes, we the team took on the task so that our office remained clean for the benefit of the public as well as the staff. It wasn’t a time to complain and spew negative energy, but a time of realizing there was an issue and figure out how to solve it.

In these financially tough times, employers are looking for people/individuals who aren’t afraid to do more than their share of work. A great company is made up of great people, starting from the bottom up. You can not be self-serving and expect respect from your peers, who merely want someone they can count on and who’s concerned more with the outcome of the company than their job title.

Go into your interviews with a good attitude and do your homework prior to. Research the companies via the internet (if information posted), view the company statements so that you have a good idea of what they’re about. If their philosophy is up your alley, then go for it. Do realize that there are many others vying for the job, therefore, be prepared and go at it like the next day will be your first day of employment. Believe in yourself and communicate those beliefs when re-iterating why you should have that job.


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