Young Men and Women–Don’t ‘Sell’ Yourselves Short!!!

Think before you Act Life is grand, what makes you think otherwise?

I see so many vibrant young men and women, all too concerned with turning themselves inside out to please the opposite sex. Nothing wrong with that, but where is the inner, unique person within the projected personae?  Believe it or not, I too was young once as well and clearly remember the games being played by my young generation at that time. It’s not unusual to view this age group obsessed with living large as well as surrounded by the latest and greatest ‘things,’ which appear to be the defining source for way too many. No plans in place with the false assumption that life will continue on as is.

Little do you actually know at such a young age, about the real world ahead, other than what you’ve learned during a very short period of time from family, peers and the media. Do you really know who you are and what you want to do with your life or are you merely preoccupied with being someone who everyone around you wants and/or thinks you should be? This is the most crucial time to map out your future and which requires 100% effort on your part. A+ effort vs ‘going with the flow’ D effort, is the only option of choice if you want a chance at success in your life.

The concept and related decisions of who you are and what you want to do with your life is huge!! You must invest time thinking and researching your options before making logical choices. Obviously, you do have the option to just ‘go with the flow’ but be aware that if a wrong decision, which can be changed, effort will  be required, including hard work and affiliated stress to turn it around. But then again, you could just stay on the wrong path most of your life and regret it later. All about choices. You also need to realize that most of the people you’re currently surrounded by won’t be in your lives a decade from now. Someone once told me that and I basically ‘pooh-pooh’d’ them at that time and yes, I will admit that I was wrong.

Time invested up front always pays off in the long run vs the other way around; health, weather and luck permitting (if not stated, I’d jinx myself :)). I will admit that watching those skate by who didn’t do their homework and put out the effort in their planning, is hard. Be happy for others success, but realize that over time, those doing their homework will far exceed those not doing so. Set your goals large and go for it; you only live once and the you’re at the absolutely best point in your live to achieve this.  Don’t be afraid to work hard. You never want to have to look back later in life and say ‘I wish I had,’ besides, what do you have to lose at this point in life?  Shoot for the stars!


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