Belle’s Promised ‘Outlandishly Delicious Fava Bean’ Recipe

IMG_1247IMG_1266I must admit that I deserve none of the credit for this recipe. It is from Dr. Pete, alias chef to the core; from his garden to the table. I look forward to July every year in that I know the Fava beans will be here. They are a one time harvest and make a phenomenal vegetable/cold salad and/or dried on a cookie sheet and stored in ziplocs for winter soups.

Before starting the recipe below, you must par boil fava beans for 3 minutes, drain and place in ice water. Once cool enough to hold beans in hand, proceed with peeling outside skin off each bean.


4-5 Cups shelled & peeled Fava Beans

1 Medium finely chopped yellow or white Onion

1 Whole cloves fresh minced garlic

2-3 Tbl Olive Oil

Saute the minced Garlic, Onion and Olive in medium hot skillet until slight color change. Add 1 Tbl Summer Savory (preferred but can use Winter Savory if Summer Savory not available) last-minute of  saute process. Mix saute into beans, then let set at least 4 hours for flavors to meld. You can serve hot or cold. The longer you give the flavors to blend, the better the final presentation. Enjoy!


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