Deeeelicious Fresh Cauliflower with Homemade Cheese Sauce!


Another wonderful vegetable, literally from the garden to the table (not failing to mention the obvious cleaning step in between.) My hubby picked several heads this am., washed them then let them set out on the shelf to dry. Prior to dinner, he put 2/3 c. of water in a pan with a lid, inserted the cauliflower (whole) and let steam for approx 15 minutes (or until mildly crunchy-do not overcook.) In the meantime, place 2 TBL butter into a saucepan (on medium low) and once melted, add 2-3 TBL flour and stir until smooth. Once thickened, fold in 1 cup sharp cheese (cheddar, manchego or whatever your preference), 1/4 tsp nutmeg, a pinch of cayenne, salt and pepper (adjust according to your palette,) then stir until smooth. Remove cauliflower from steaming pan when at mildly crunchy stage and place in baking dish, pouring cheese sauce over the top. Place the dish  under broiler for approx 5-10 minutes until it browns. Delicious enough as a light meal in itself!

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