For Long Term Stability– Incorporate Frugality Into Your Lifestyles!


We start out in life learning the value of materials, services, etc., as well as the effort it takes to earn them. Our ‘earlier years’, is very much a time period during which one learns what they can and can’t live without, including but not forgetting, designing and living on a budget.  When one retires, which is obviously the other end of life’s spectrum, a person comes full circle in that once the cord to income is cut, you will once again be challenged to live within your means and/or on a budget.

Living on a budget isn’t always the path we would ultimately choose, but a common one for many. The tantalization of a carefree life filled with many options and/or choices is a fantasy many people want and which can be achieved, if willing to work persistently hard. If one so chooses a path not based on frugality, there lurks the known reality of ‘no givens in life;’ all can disappear as fast as it appeared and then what? On the other hand, the decision to live frugally; again, with ‘no guarantees’, would more likely keep one’s life simple,  grounded, in the present and with less unknowns.

It is true that many will have more than they need at some point in their lives, but to expect this to last forever, is nothing but living under false pretenses. Basing one’s future decisions on the unknown, without guarantees, will create a life full of uncertainty and stress. There is also the camp who believe that one’s future will remain uncertain if you don’t take risks seeking improvement, yet still living in the unknown and with continued uncertainty. It all boils down to making the best educated decisions and being persistent in seeking out one’s goal; no matter which path one chooses.

The majority of us start out our young adult lives living frugally, but as to which way you continue on, that remains a personal choice; either way, expect associated consequences. Do remember that eventually, no matter what you’ve saved for later in life, there are still no givens or guarantees and if life requires a more meager existence, there is peace in knowing that you will do better at surviving, if you’ve stayed truer to your frugal roots. There are no fairy godmothers as we all know, you don’t collect $200 by going past GO and one only reaps what they have sown.  The key is to make wiser choices early on and always remember, NO ONE OTHER THAN YOU IS ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOU!

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