How To Survive The Funk When Caring For Others and Not Let It Get You Down?

feeling blue

Ever have one of those days, weeks or years where everything seems to go south or, those days when you look out the window to see if the black cloud still hovers above you? Yes, yes and yes from me. I’m still trying to dig my way out from that heavy, depressive feeling secondary to too many family crises. My family, namely my elder parents, uncle and sister-in-law, have had major health crises that just don’t seem to want to let up. One of the four will appear to be getting somewhat better, then it seems like the others get worse. Its been ongoing for months, yet, the bright spot is a phenomenal family/support group who are all kicking in and helping in whatever way they can.

Dealing with family healthcare crises can be very emotionally draining. You work hard steering those needing care, in the recommended directions, but even though you do as you’re told, there’s never a guarantee that things will go as everyone involved hopes it will. When you do receive negative feedback/results, you have to be the one to wear the britches/broaden your shoulders etc., in order to carry them on to the next phase; all the while looking for any glimmers of hope. Being in the healthcare field, I try not to leave any stones unturned and constantly research etc., to find the latest data re: their specific situations. Thank God for the Internet with its capability to bring the world to our fingertips.

When in these situations, you have to take time to get away every now and then, as it will otherwise, totally consume your life. I’ve witnessed many people over time who actually became sick themselves, secondary to not being able to get away from the fire, in order to regain perspective of the big picture. It’s quite important that one recognizes when they’re losing their effectiveness and is in need of a breather, with someone else stepping in to cover. Dealing with family healthcare issues can either bring a family closer together or tear them apart. This is why I am so adamant that everyone write down their healthcare wishes and choose a healthcare executor, someone to take over if one is to become sick and unable to make their own decisions. There is nothing more difficult than making life and death decisions for loved ones who can’t speak for themselves.

Times of heightened duress are never easy and they do have a tendency to bring one’s demeanor down. The best thing you can do is step back, look around at the simple and beautiful things of life; the fact that you’re able to step in and help someone in need. There’s nothing greater than giving of oneself for the betterment of another. Feel the love/devotion and caring that surrounds those you are helping. Note the power of mere touch and kindly spoken words; all contributing to the aura of peace to those in a time of need. The peace you bring others will also teach you new things about yourself and will continue to mold you into the person you are meant to be. No matter how depressing your situation, there is a positive side from which you will draw your inner strength when tasked. Be patient, address your own spirituality if inclined and remain focused on the big picture.  Eventually, time will put everything into perspective.



  1. Sharon's Miller says:

    We trust you are taking good care of yourself in the midst of your family challenges. We need your wisdom, practicality and common sense in our lives. Bless you for your wonderful website and your sharing! ~Sharon

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