More Wonderful Treats Ready to Be Harvested from our 2013 Garden


A family favorite, ‘donut peaches’; delectable, naturally sweet and the perfect size. We find this fruit to be a great snack, therefore, a colander is kept on the shelf- washed and ready.  These peaches are also great for smoothies and/or a peach cobbler. We planted these miniature trees approx 5 years ago and it took approx 3 yrs before we really starting having much to harvest and now, they’re going crazy. The next photo is of one of our fig plants (green not yet ripe fruit); approx 5 feet tall (hard to view as the pot is sitting on a gravel base–optical illusion.) These plants take a lot of water but the fruit is well worth it. Just want you to realize that you can grow all this yourself as well (depending on your growing climate/season) and it only takes the effort.

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