Side Effects of Obamacare–Employer Insurance Mandate Delay and The Ongoing, Associated Confusion

obamacare employer delay The announcement of a delay in the Obamacare Employer mandate today, is NOT a huge surprise. There was such a rush as well as push on the healthcare industry to make ALL these changes and now, because some employers are saying NO to the mandated insurance requirements, a halt has been put in place. I have worked in the healthcare industry 3+ decades and during this time, have never seen such a  disorganized attempt at reinventing healthcare. The fact that it was pushed through with a minimum of our elected leaders reviewing the bill, should have been a reality check that inevitable failure was on the horizon.

The medical and/or healthcare industry has been under extreme pressure last several years, in preparation for the upcoming government mandated changes. In one way or another, a lot of us are already experiencing hurdles generated by some of the Obamacare changes, including but not limited to, standards of care that have and are still being changed. Electronic Health records with patient portals are still being implemented. The Healthcare Industry is still going through required training related to the New Diagnostic ICD and CPT coding system. New Rx (prescription) incentive program has been implemented. 600 + pages of New HIPPA regulations this year requiring training and implementation. These are but a few of the larger impositions on the Healthcare Industry.

Stress levels on all medical personnel has skyrocketed secondary to having to learn the many different aspects related to the upcoming mandated changes. Increased numbers of Individual practitioners have been flowing out of the industry and retiring. Single practitioner clinics are being bought up by larger clinics and/or hospitals, thus uprooting previously established patients who are now having to struggle with finding another clinician to manage their care.

In addition to the aforementioned changes already underway, the IT industry remains preoccupied with writing new software programs to somehow bridge the communication gaps between all aspects of the healthcare industry, yet still meet all the new increased HIPPA changes/requirements, to keep patient information safe. The affiliated challenges of Obamacare are all well and good but in reality, the primary basis of healthcare should remain focused on the patient and doctor relationship; not all these expensive changes brought about by theories, with no guarantees of  formidable success. Lastly, with our country possessing such tremendous debt, why are we even gambling so much money on no guarantees?

Employers have been complaining about Obamacare and the disconnect between what our elected officials are telling us vs the reality (including costs) of the mandated changes. Things just aren’t adding up. Obamacare was to save us all money as well as to provide healthcare to all. As time has gone on, it turns out that healthcare costs will now cost all citizens a considerable amount of ‘out of pocket monies,’ with absolutely no guarantees that the current system will even be able to handle the upcoming increased patient load. How can Employers be expected to pencil into their budgets, a formula that doesn’t work?

There is nothing but a state of confusion surrounding Obamacare. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a mere citizen, Physician, Nurse, Medical sales person, Pacemaker Representative, Clinic Mgr., etc., we’re all confused. We don’t know what’s real and what isn’t–Obamacare is starting to appear more like a nightmare, rather than the Disney like story with guarantees, that we were once promised.

Is it a matter of convenience that the Employer mandate has been postponed to a future date that just happens to be after the 2014 mid-term elections? Is this purposely planned? Will everyone effected by a ‘healthcare system we didn’t want,’ forget everything related to this abomination by the time the 2014 mid-term elections are upon us? Haven’t we as a nation seen enough patterns of inconsistencies to know that we definitely don’t want anymore of what’s being handed to us? Its past time for our VOICE to be HEARD! Its our nation as well as the healthcare of our families on the line. I don’t know about you but I personally have already seen enough and have nothing but a bad taste in my mouth towards what is becoming the reality of Obamacare.

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